Birth Story

Child birth stories are inspirational

By Anitha Bharathi, Mother

Birth Story 63

Many of you may not know me since I have joined HM at 8 month since my doctor wants me to know about labour pain and how to push baby during labour. Since it was the last trimester, I have planned to take only labour pain session, breast feeding session from Ananthi mam

Mrs M

Birth Story 62

To the dear sisters of HM family. I am so glad to share my birth story.
First of all.... Wanted to thank whole heartedly Ananthimam.. Anitha mam... Priya ka. And all other trainers of HM for the most wonderful days in my life..and for my little one too...

Mrs NL

Birth Story 61

Hi everyone! Here's my birth story.
My EDD was on August 7th. My doc suggested HM as I was gaining a lot of weight. I joined #happy #Motherhood in my 6th month. I was very curious and eager to know all about what my #baby was doing that particular week

Mrs V

Birth Story 60

Hi. I'm extremely #happy to share the birth story of my kutti here.
The Journey started with Dr. Sivakumar's programme, where Anandhi Ragupathi Ma'am was also one of the #speaker, she was explaining how a fully confident, positive human being can be created in the #womb, I was #inspired

Mrs V

Birth Story 59

Hai all, I am happy to share the birth story of my lovable prince. I came to know about happy motherhood through some video's in youtube. Later I enquired about it and joined skype sessions. It was such an inspiring class, taught me how much important the diet is.

Mrs P

Birth Story 58

This is my second pregnancy and I want to try this through VBAC. But I was completely clue else what should be done to achieve VBAC.
My husband told me about Happy motherhood and I spoke to Anitha mam After attending first class and having few conversation with her I got full positive

Mrs A

Birth Story 57

Hi all.. I feel immense pleasure in sharing my pregnancy story to all...
So happily we have confirmed my pregnancy on Nov 12th 2018 and in the 1st trimester I had very minimal nausea and so the 1st 3 months was easy for me. But the negative side is I had zero knowledge on diet during the 1st trimester

Mrs A

Birth Story 56

I took my pregnancy session from Anandhi mam in perumbakkam branch Jan 2019 batch during 4th month. I am happy to share my pregnancy story not just the birth story. My pregnancy was very smooth till 8 months. I tried to do as many activities as possible. I was working till 9 months of my pregnancy.

Mrs K

Birth Story 55

Happy to share my birth story.
We were so excited when we came to know we are pregnant because we waited a long time for our second child. I got introduced to happy motherhood during third month.


Mrs A

Birth Story 54

I badly wanted to write my birth story but I was not able to do it. It took time for me to cope up with new responsibilities and challenges.
So here is my birth story.
Health wise I was completely down during the initial days of pregnancy.

Mrs S N

Birth Story 53

My pregnancy was confirmed on Oct 2018 and my EDD was 8th June 2019.Initial 4 months went very smoothly from 5th month suddenly my HB went low from 10.7 to 8.1. Even after following good diet and tablets my HB didn’t increase. Again in 6th month HB dropped from 8.1 to 7.6.

Mrs V S

Birth Story 52

It was my second pregnancy. First c-section delivery. During my first pregnancy I followed Ananthi mam program in vendar TV. I don't know how she inspiring everyone with her words, smiles, thoughts etc.. so I just followed her but didn't known about HM classes so missed it.

Mrs S

Birth Story 51

I am very happy to share my birth story...My EDD was June 26 I strongly visualised that my baby should born before June 26 and it should be a normal delivery .. We went for regular checkup and during my 36 week scan doctor said that baby is in ROP position and water level is less.

Mrs S

Birth Story 50

It was June 19th eve I went for my regular check up and that was my 39th week...after consultation doctor confirmed that if I was not getting pain until 24th I need to be admitted and get induced. I did not wish to get induced so I was praying to get pain naturally before that..

Mrs A

Birth Story 49

Dear all This is S S. I delivered my girl baby on July 1st. This is my second baby. It was a C section. Actually tried for VBAC but could not acheive as my baby had Cord around her neck. I happily undergone surgery and got my baby. Since i am in Erode, i attended Skype classes of Happy Motherhood.

Mrs SS

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