4 February 2017

Mrs P


Hi All, Good Morning - Here is my long birth story, I never thought I could have a such a story to contribute in this group that too at my 2nd pregnancy. My EDD was on Oct 28th. When I am nearing my big day I had lot of false contractions, but the one which came on Oct 1st made everyone to think those are really labour and everyone in the family almost decided this is labour and I was confident enough and said to the baby "Please wait until the due date" - and after sometime I could feel the contractions started reducing and it stopped, but I could feel the baby has dropped down little bit. On the next checkup Dr said baby is 4/5 fixed and you can expect the baby any time and advised to stay near by the hospital. My home is in Tambaram and then I moved to mom's place in Mylapore on Oct8th. Here started the excitement and eagerness of the family to see the baby. Diwali crossed no contractions, was approaching due date and I was in 39th week and still no true contractions. All of the sudden we were little panic because on the first delivery my baby girl was 4days early to EDD and since it was second baby and the baby is 3/5 fixed at 39th week we were expecting before the due date. Dr said we can wait till 30th of Oct if not we can apply gel and wait for contractions on 31st but really I wanted everything naturally. We approached the Guru Anandhi mam and as per advise we followed few techniques like Physical exercise like squats, climbing the stair case and some spicy foods and etc., those all worked I believe. I crossed my due date 28th Nov and me and my hubby was confident enough and following as advised by Anandhi mam. 29th Nov evening around 7 pm I started feeling contractions and I was waiting for few min to confirm if that was labour and i really had strong contractions and I informed the family and we were getting ready and informed the Dr around 9PM and got admitted at 10 PM and was informed that i was 2cm dilated, since the intense of pain is more they expected the arrival of baby may happen in the early morning after 5. Every 45 mins once I was being examined by Dr and Nurses, My hubby made my daughter sleep and was sitting next to me in the labour room and encouraging me with breathing practices at contractions.

It was going so smooth where i was questioned by nurse are you really getting pain because i was not screaming or shouting, Really the breathing techniques helped a lot. @ 1.30 I was 7 cm dilated and it was identified my baby Heart beat dropped while contractions was on and Dr confirmed that baby passed stools. Here started the pressure and I was asked do i feel like pushing? I said no and Dr said I can't wait for long time because we have to take the baby out or else the baby may intake the meconium and they were ready to wait only for 15 to 30 min and they were preparing the operation theatre ready. Lot of pressure on me. My hubby was keep on encouraging me that we have heard lot of stories from the group and we too for sure will have a miracle and those positive vibes will definitely help and we were believing strongly that the baby will be delivered normally. Dr was helping me get the baby out soon manually and now I was 10cm dilated and as expected our belief made the Dr to see the baby head and Dr was ready to wait for few more mins and since the baby head is high they assisted me to deliver the baby with kiwi cup suction and the baby was delivered @ 2.48 am on 30th October and we were so happy because the baby cried immediately and then immediately my husband was so happy and informed me Its baby Boy.

Without the positive thoughts and vibes of the group members this wouldn't have happened and definitely I can't end up saying thanks in one word for the great brain Anandhi mam for this... She is definitely being and important and unforgettable moments of our life.. Love you mam.

My daugter Haasini is so excited to see her brother, we have named him "Harshad Krish" Both our kids carrying the same meaning "Happiness" for which Happy Motherhood contributed a Lot.. Stay happy everyone and be positive.. All the very best.

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