26 January 2018

Mrs K


Here is my birth story.. I was 38 weeks 1 day with all criteria favorable for normal delivery. As I have been practicing all our pre natal exercises and all tasks with maximum dedication from my 4th month, I didn't fear for labor even on that day. More than everything my husband clearly proved he is my better half who kept on encouraging me through out my pregnancy period and also inside labor room . He repeated "krithi u r strong" which made me feel high and I decided I should do it!!! I was about to admit for induction but I got the pain naturally the previous day and when they examined me, they said I am already 1 cm dilated.. time was around 11:30 am on 13th Dec.

Without any kind of induction pain n dilation progressed well. I was able to bare the pain till 2:30 am on 14th Dec then doc examined me and said it's 60% effaced and 4 cms dilated.. around 5:30 the pain went unbearable and doctor said it's 6cms dilated and within 20mins I was taken to delivery room. Dr.neha was so supportive and she kept on appreciated me for handling pain by breathing..

She knows I belong to happy motherhood in the way I did breadthing.. when I ask for epidural, doctor refused as it is already 7 cms dilated.. I didn't scream much as I need energy to push.. due to all exercises and I managed all my house hold work till I went to labor, I got dilation so soon with in next 2 hours, 100% effaced and 9 CMS dilated. With in next 10 mins I got a pushing feel n doctor asked me not to push as there was a rim around head.. then Dr.padma Priya came.all duty doctor,nurses, pediatrician were there..

I took so much effort to push the baby, the team encouraged me well. My husband did his max to keep me positive n motivated., after my 4-5 tries , i really got guts on next push to deliver the baby. Baby was normal.. i too felt normal on next hour. Thanks for all birth story mom's in this group n all motivations.. thank u Anandhi mam for everything you are doing even after my delivery.. lots of love to you.

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