1 February 2018

Mrs K


Hi All,

Getting admitted : My due date is January 31st. My doctor asked me to get admitted by 29th. I'm aware that it's a sign for start of labour. I didn't get panic by that time and started to hospital. Asked to get admitted and being informed that I might delivery the baby next day. Doctor stressed that it will end up in Caesarean due to amniotic fluid rupture after waiting 24 hours, if water level surrounding the baby goes down. By that time dilation is just 1 cm and was quite slow. But I didn't get panic. I know that my baby just round the corner.

Started with inducing pain process: 25th morning, still the dilation is very slow measuring 1.5 cm. Was decided to get the pain induced, which started at 08:30 am. I started feeling severe pain by then, but breathing technique came as rescue. Contractions become regular and approaching the peak.

Failure of Epidural: My doctor suggested to go with Epidural, seeing me struggling with the pain. Took it from 1 pm (3cm dilated). Within half hour, my pulse rate started to increase and touching high levels. Doctor doesn't want to take risk continuing with Epidural.

Back to basics - following the breathing technique: Was bit upset deciding against the Epidural, but have to agree with Medical complications explained. But I was well-supported and motivated by my hubby's words. At times, I couldn't tolerate the pain but I know that its just a matter of hours before I hold my pretty doll in my hand. Started following the breathing technique again whenever I get severe contraction. In fact, every minute.

Reaching 10 cm dilation: At 04:30 pm, dilation reaches 10 cm after prolonged contraction pain. We're informed that I'll be delivering my baby in an hour.

My baby born - the moment we're waiting for: After 9 hours of labour, at 05:37 pm, after multiple push, my BoY 👶 (named "Ayaan") born 😇. He resembles the way we visualised him. Its the moment for which we're waiting for My hubby stood alongside the whole day supporting me morally and physically. I'm proud of him for being so inspiring throughout my labour.Both myself and baby are doing fine. Thanks to Anandhi mam for helping me out to let me know how to handle delivery pain.

My personal recommendation will be to go into labour without any dependency on Epidural or any other procedure.

Believe in YoU.

Follow the techniques learnt.

Sustain the pain, just think that baby will be in your hand in just a matter of hours.

Thanks All once again for all your wishes!

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