18 April 2018

Mrs D


I went regular check up at my 36th week on Feb 27.I got dilated 2 cm without pain.I was kept observation for 4 hours but I didn't get pain. Mam asked me to Stay near by and come on next day.We stayed in global accommodation.On next day while checking we came to know I got dilated 4 cm with out pain.The same thing happened for next two days I got 5 cm dilated without pain and returned accommodation. On March 2nd,around 8.15 pm my water discharge started..we run to labor ward immediately. I got 6 cm dilated. From 8.45 around my contraction started.

I started breathing exercises.At around 9.45 heavy pain started .As it is twins and mam trying to deliver it naturally everyone was very eagerly looking on my case. At last i delivered my first baby girl at 10.19pm.here the interesting twist happened ,my second baby changed from head down to transverse.

Entire Doctor team was much interested to see what going to happen next .Mam discussed with me and husband as baby turned we have to go for c section and started arrangements. I was little worried because I wanted to deliver my baby naturally. But I said to myself whatever happens let them happen now I am going to see my baby soon.

At the same time Padmapriya mam tried to change my baby's position to head down externally, with her magical hands and gods grace she moved my baby's head to down .with her only efforts My baby's position again came to cephalic and entire Doctors Team encouraged me to deliver normally. At 11.01pm I delivered my second baby girl naturally.

Our family will never forget Padmapriya mam because she said when both babies are head down we will go for normal delivery from the beginning and she achieved it in my case by doing external cephalic version at last minute. I delivered my twin babies naturally only because of Dr.Padmapriya mam. A very big thanks to mam and her Team

A very big Thanks to Ananthi Mam for her support.She is one of the most important persons in my life. I followed her policy of positivity in all my thoughts. When we got to know that I conceived with twins my relations said that I will be having c section. But I visualize every day and tell them that I will deliver my babies naturally and it happened. Now every one were very happy. Her breathing techniques, pranayas were very helpful.I have changed my food habits, thoughts after attending her classes.I believe I will win all the obstacles in my life with the power of positivity.

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