21 April 2018

Mrs A


My little prince has arrived on 28th Mar. I have achieved my dream of VBAC with the great help of Ananthi Mam, my yoga trainer Priya and the hospital labour staffs. Special thanks to my friend Geetha who has referred Anandi Mam.

As per my Visualisation, my Big Day is the most expected day starting from 39th week. When Ananthi mam messaged to mothers in Happy motherhood group that Akila delivered her baby successfully through VBAC, from that time onwards i started visualising my labor and included in visualization list.

My due date was on 26th and 25th morning, I got mild contractions, not on regular intervals. I felt very happy that I am getting into Labour. I was telling my hubby that tonight or morning we had to go to hospital for delivery. We kept the bags and all ready and did the routine works. The pain has not increased till 27th morning. I had the check up with Dr on 27th.

DR examined me and told that it is 2 CM dilated and advised me to admit. The contractions and dilation are at same level till 27th evening. Mean time, I strongly visualised my labour and claimed steps for the whole evening. And the duty nurse suggested me to take rest to gain energy for next day. I slept in between increased contractions and breathed during contractions. The sister surprised to see me bearing pain.

28th Morning, I have started doing squats and hot water bath. The contractions gradually increased for 5 mins once. DR examined that its 3-4 cm dilated around 10 AM. And I used birth ball to bounce on contractions and swing on rest. At 11 AM, DR ruptured the water bag and contractions are increased intervals of 3 mins once for 45 sec, I became drowsy and not able to concentrate.


Again I slept on my left side. During contractions, I practiced long breathings and my hubby and mother gave a good back massage. Around 12 PM, I had a good hot water bath and my mom splashed the hot water on the back which gave very good relief and I am boosted with energy. I started speaking briskly with my mom and hubby while doing the birth ball bouncing.

At 1:30 PM when examining, it is dilated to 7-8 CM and I was shifted to labour room. In 5 mins, it is 100% progressed. I was out of control and started to cry. Suddenly baby’s Heart beat dropped. I reminded myself that I promised my LO that I will give more oxygen by breathing, so started to long breath, and then he was ok.

And my LO head was still high, so Dr asked me to do squats at every contractions which is 1 min once. I strongly believe that my baby will be coming naturally. In between one of the DRs is saying about C-Sec. My mind did not bother it and I kept going on my visualization.

The Labour ward sisters and DRs helped me a lot to do squatting. Once head descending, I was asked to PUSH ... PUSH..PUSH...Finally my dream came true, my bundle of joy came out naturally. I was able to see him crying...

The chief DR finally said, you wanted it and it happened to you because of your cooperation. Yes, our job in Labour is giving more oxygen to baby and bearing pain by breathing techniques. The massage and hot water bath gave me a good relief.


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