2 May 2018

Mrs R


Hi moms, I would like to share the birth story of our little prince Makil Varman... My EDD was Mar 6th but our bundle of joy arrived on Feb 18th itself...😊😊 Our lovely daughter Adhithi aged 4 was the one who wished to have a brother nd her wish was granted by God... 😍😍

Until Feb 17th I didn't feel any pain, I was doing all my routine works walking, climbing steps, yoga, stretches, pranayama, meditation, visualization, kegal exercise, nd breathing exercises... Did chart work for Makil by hearing my favorite songs... Spent joyful time along with my loveable daughter in all my works...

on 17th Feb, around 7 P. M. I was going for a casual walk near our house, but I could not walk like usual, couldn't compete the full rounds. I felt some tiredness and little pain in the abdomen, as I was having such pain from the beginning of 9th month, i assumed this is as one such false pain. I went to sleep after finishing my household works as usual.

At mid night of Feb 17th I felt some abdomen pain and woke up from deep sleep at 2'o clock... I got slight bleeding and contraction... My hubby was in thrissur, I called and asked him to come... Then I woke up my mother-in-law and told her abt my contractions... She gave me kasayam, and we waited to confirm if it's delivery pain or false pain... Since the contractions were in a regular intervals of 5 - 6 minutes gap... I realized I am into active labor... I was very cool nd doing breathing exercises during the contractions continuously.

Instead of seeing the pain, I held on to the words which Anandhi Mam told us in our class , felt happy that I am going to have a precious new life in my hand within few more hours...

Then my mother-in-law and father-in-law took me to the hospital (Lalitha nursing home, thillai Nagar, Trichy) at 3.10am, by then the contractions were occuring in gap of 4 minute intervals...

Once at the hospital, I was taken directly to the labor ward... the baby's heart beat was checked and found to be good... Cervix got dilated fully... Didn't put any injection for inducing pain bcs my contractions were in sharp intervals... Once I got the pushing feel i was shifted to the labor room at 4.20a.m... I remained calm and silent during contractions as I wanted to save energy to push... And when asked to push I pushed and our little Charming boy came out at 4.40 a.m... Even before the doctor could come to the hospital our sweet son was delivered...☺☺
As I visualized my delivery was easy and quick this time.

Plz do all things which Anandhi Mam told, it means a lot in our delivery room...

I wish to share one incident that I feel will be of use to many to be moms, on my 29 week scan, our baby was in flexi breech position... When I asked the Dr, she casually said the baby may turn or else we will go for C-section. This caused great worry in me as I was wanted to have a normal delivery. With a deject mind I called Anandhi Mam, she guided me in the right way. She infused positivity by saying this position is just normal at this week. She motivated me to visualise baby in cephalic position and encouraged me with her positive words... It meant a lot to me and brought me out of the gloomy mood. I did as she said and two weeks later we took a scan and our baby turned to cephalic position as I visualized.

I believe visualisation has such great effect during pregnancy mainly because we mother's are in the process of creating a new life and hence we are very close to the creator, the creator grants just about anything we visualise, as it is his job we are doing. So mother's even when something is not going according to your plan, understand the power of visualisation and use it to create what you wish.

Thank u all for ur prayers and wishes... Thanks to my family members who r being a good support and a big thanks to Anandhi Mam for guiding me in right way throughout my pregnancy... 😍😍. I wish all "mother's to be"a very happy pregnancy.

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