4 May 2018

Mrs B


On 16th April, I was being called to hospital for normal check up. During check up it was found that The cervix was already 2 cms dilated. I was surprised as I didn’t feel anything and also frm that week itself I had availed maternity leave.

Doctor asked me to get admitted at around 1PM. They kept me under observation. Then I had messaged Ananthi Ma’am about my condition and asked what cn I do to smoothen the delivery process ( I was full of anxiety, excitement). She immediately replied and asked me to do squats and walking. I did as many as squats and walked as much as possible in the delivery ward.. everybody was looking at me and smiling😂😂😂 then around 4PM I started feeling mild contractions completely bearable and when they checked I was almost 4 cms dilated..

Then the countdown began at around 6:30Pm when I started having strong contractions and I started shouting... doctor asked my husband if we can give her epidural and he said yes by looking at my condition but when doctor checked again she said no need of epidural take her immediately to delivery room as she is into active labour now..then at 8:37 Pm I had given birth to a baby girl naturally. The entire delivery process was so short and quick that it’s very hard to believe...it was such an amazing journey 😍😍

Everybody in the hospital were surprised and calling me lucky enough but its not just the luck but the all the motivation and exercises suggested by Ananthi Ma’am. Though I was not very active on the what’s app group due to loads of work pressure but without fail I ws following all the exercises and other things suggested by you. I really feel blessed that I had met you. Bcoz of you I had thoroughly enjoyed both my pregnancy and delivery phase. Thanks so much ma’am 🙂


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