18 May 2018

Mrs V


I am here to share my wonderful experience of Giving birth to my child. I delivered a Healthy Baby Boy NORMALLY in Global Gleneagles Hospital, Perumbakkam with the help of Dr. Padmapriya Vivek on 3rd May 2018. As per the advice of Anandhi Mam, I had always imagined about how my Labor should go. As I am basically a lazy person😅 I imagined it like I should get admitted with pain starting by Evening and deliver baby by next Morning within 12 hrs of time through normal delivery and get shifted to a room immediately. So lets see how it goes.

we visited Hospital on 30th April for one final Scan. Viewing the report, Doctor advised to get admitted on 2nd May. Me and my Husband started to pack all the hospital essentials needed for me and the child. The night before was filled with excitement we couldnt sleep only. But I convinced myself to sleep as I would need all the energy I would need tomorrow.

2nd May, a wednesday was a fine Sunny Day. Started out to the hospital from my Home in Ramapuram by 10:30, and in vain reached the Hospital by 1:00, a full 2:30 hours later. The traffic didnt move at all in Medavakkam - Perumbakkam Road. Was I in pain that would have been hell. After reaching hospital I was inducted into Labor ward and I was already 25% dilated. So anyway a pain inducing gel was applied by 4:00pm and I started getting Contractions by 7:00 pm.

At first it was okay. I was thinking that This was not that painful, and should be easy. Had my dinner in the ward, a Good Curd rice and settled down. Then the main picture started by around 10:30pm. The contractions became stronger and stronger and more and more PAINFULLL. I started getting Tensed due to Pain. My BP lightly shot up and so did the Baby’s Heartbeat. I desperately asked the Doctor for Epidural to ease the pain. But the doctor advised that only when the Baby’s Heartbeat comes down to normal range, that can be done. Baby’s heartbeat was in the range of 180-210 for sometime.

My Husband advised me to calm myself down and helped me massaging my feet and Hips and told me to Relax myself. Only then I gathered up my courage and tried to Calm myself down.I relaxed my mind and kept myself relaxed through contractions. This really relaxed my baby and his heart beat came down to 140-150 range. Taking advantage my Doctor shot me up with Epidural and ohhh god I never felt relieved. This all happened around 12:30 to 1:30 AM and by dilation was around 60% by that time.

All this time my husband and the duty doctor stood by my side helping me out. Havent I calmed myself and baby’s Heart beat not got down, I would have ended up with a C- section. Post Epidural i was finally at peace. I took a little nap. By 4:00 i was dully dilated and was ready for labor. The delivery team of Doctor and nurses gathered. They were all shouting PUSH PUSHH PUSHHH!!!! I did try my best to push and was pushing as hard as i could. My husband helped my rhythm my Pushing and breathing by counting.

The head lightly popped up. I was pushing pushing but it wasnt enough. A nurse went ahead and started pumping my Stomach with all her might. Slowly and Gently my baby boy was coming out. I forgot to mention that the Cord was tangled around his neck which was reported on scan. This caused a little hindrance, so Doctor decided to use a Vaccuum pump to help deliver. So the Vaccuum pump was attached to his head showing out and was pulled out exactly at 4:50am. My angel Boy came out healthy with a weight of 3.18 kgs.

He cried well and loud and could be heard outside the ward.All necessary procedures were done both for me and the baby post delivery and I fed him for the first time at around 5:40 am. Then we moved to a room by 10:00 am. I got discharged on 5th May after he got vaccines and Polio Drops. Now he is all smiles and sleeps. My Labor in a sense went about how I imagined.

I thank all my family especially my Husband, Dr and Anandhi ma/m for this wonderful experience.

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