26 June 2018

Mrs S


I felt mild contraction on 10 th June from 4 am . It was mild so I was trying to sleep.i felt contraction at regular interval. That was my visualization too.i visualised my contraction should start at midnight . So that wen I reach hospital I should be dilated more.as per visualisation I felt the contraction from 4 am. It was mild contraction at regular interval.i was noticing the time interval between each contraction.@9 am i had warm shower bath .and started to hospital.i reached hospital at 10. Doctor told i am 3 to 4 cm dilated. It will take time so they asked me to take rest in ward. I was transferred to room . Had lunch @12 .

My contraction gradually raised.i felt contraction every 15 min.but contraction was only for half min to 1 min.it was strong .my husband helped me by doing labour partner massage .during high contraction I was doing breathing exercise.it made me to relieve.seriously without breathing technique. I wont be able to manage.only breathing helped me to manage pain throughout my delivery.

till 9 pm I was getting high contraction managing with breathing . @9 pm I entered labour ward.i was 50℅ dialeted.they added trips.they tracked baby's heart beat rate through nst scan.i felt contraction at regular interval.around 11 pm 75℅.@12 pm doctor asked me to push when I am getting contraction.i tried twice.putting all my energy to push. Baby's head was medium size on another few push.i heard baby's voice n felt he is lying on my stomach .@12.10 he was born.

After attending labour session he was regular doing partner massage, exercise.at the time of labour contraction he did partner relaxation exercise After my normal delivery my husband was so much happy n he also said it's all due to happy mother hood .I am so thankful🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍

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