25 November 2017

Mrs A


Hi all here comes my birth story my due date was on Nov 28th but due to GDM doctor had asked me to get admitted on Nov 14th . I went to hospital by 12pm and after procedures I got admitted. By 4 pm gel was applied and we waited for contractions. Till 9 pm pain was very minimal and dilation was 2 cm only. I didnt get any pain so I spent the night by walking and speaking to the duty nurse.Agan in the morning around 5 am second dosage of gel was applied. Back pain started and I managed with the help of hot water bag and supporting pillow. We waited till 10 am dilation was just 4 cm. So they decided to inject around 11 am. In between they checked for baby's heart beat as well. By 1 pm dilation increased to 5 cm.

They increased the level of dosage and dilation was at 6 cm. But the baby's position was still up. So decided to inject antibiotics to bring the baby down. As time progressed pain started to increase but I focussed on breathing exercises suggested by ananthi mam . Later by three thirty contractions were not as expected so doctor ruptured the mambrane manually. Within minutes of was in active labour and I managed for half an hour with breathing exercises really i felt that saved me. Later I couldn't manage next half an hour I started losing my energy as contractions were at peak and dilation was 10 cm. Still I had confidence my husband was with me and he told another half an hour baby will be born finally I wanted to push i started pushing but it was not so easy baby wasn't coming out.

Doctors around me encouraged to the maximum and I tried five to six times and with all my energy gave the final push the baby was out by 05.21 pm. All my pain vanished when I saw my baby there out. It was a girl baby and she held the doctors fingers tightly. I was very positive throughout my pregnancy period this happened only because of two persons one is Ananthi mam and my doctor Padma Priya mam without them my journey would have been difficult. I followed the diet, exercises, breathing techniques, listened to music, as well as bonding with baby suggested by mam. And the last but not the least stay positive and be confident you can do it. My baby girl is as per my visualisation on front of me. I am proud to be a part of happy motherhood .

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