14 August 2018

Mrs Mythily


( a first of its kind)

Our journey towards parenthood was long awaited. So, even before pregnancy I planned to give my baby the whole load of positiveness and all good things. I was trying to hold on to my positiveness but slowly it was fading as we had winter and the loneliness and being away from parents and caring people were testing my optimism.

That's when I luckily stumbled upon Anandhi ma'am's video in youtube. Saw the first video, then searched more and more. The more I saw her videos, the more I felt positive and soothing. So, I googled more and got in touch with the Happy Motherhood team.

Instantly ma'am pinged me. I joined the March Skype batch. My baby loved her voice and I could feel that from his movements. I was slowly gaining back my positiveness. Whenever I felt low, I pinged ma'am and she gave me the instant boost. Till date, she is the one who comes into my mind when I feel low.

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