14 August 2018

Mrs M (From Germany)


Coming to my birth story. My mom and my sis both had normal deliveries and they never threw up during the initial trimesters. So right from the beginning, I always told myself that I won't throw up and I would have an easy and quick delivery like my sis. Just kept thinking the same whenever I was feeling low and skeptical.

And then in the session, ma'am asked us what comes into our mind when we think of labor and I wrote down the same thing. Then she told us about how the universe grants us what we strongly wish for and how to talk to the baby and the activities. I couldn't really follow all the activities as I was struggling alone managing everything in a foreign land. But I kept talking to my baby and told him each and everything that I did or saw. We prayed together, never missed the massage session with daddy and everything right from shower to eating was shared with my baby.

Trust me, today my baby doesn't cry when showering, when I chant the prayers he keeps quiet and listens. He used to enjoy the massage time with dad (would show a peculiar movement whenever dad touched and massaged the belly). And as ma'am said, what we think a lot about, the universe definitely grants it. Somehow from the beginning, I was too keen on learning about water breaking and what to do when that happens.

But kept telling myself again and again that I'll have a quick and easy delivery and both me and my baby will be healthy. I didn't want episiotomy or epidural. As ma'am says, I told myself that my body was capable of creating this baby and it knows how to deliver the baby too and I'll just let it do the work. And as Ranga Priya mentioned in the session, I kept telling myself that I'm a healthy woman and can deliver my baby in just 3 push. And I kept praying and telling every day that I'll carry my baby to full term (40 weeks) and deliver.

Everything happened that way. 24th of July was the end of 40th week and I was getting lil stressed and wanted my baby to come before the EDD of 25th as the doctors told they would induce me. I had gestational diabetes and so they didn't want to wait beyond 40t week. I didn't want any human intervention whatsoever and wanted my body to do it's work beautifully. I kept telling myself that everything will be alright and the way I wanted it. But somehow the water breaking thing kept coming up in my mind again and again.

On 20th July, I had severe backpain from the morning and was feeling slight wetness all through the day. So we went to the hospital to check if my water broke but all the tests came back negative and I was only 1cm dilated. I was sent back home. I came back home, kept some hot pack and my husband did massage as per ma'am's videos and still the pain wasn't coming down rather it increased exponentially. I didn't know I was going through back labor. At around 10.20pm, I had a sharp contraction and when I tried getting up to see if it's a false pain, I felt a sudden water rush. My water broke.

But ma'am had told in the session to keep oneself calm if any of those contingencies happens and go immediately to hospital. I kept cool and changed and we immediately drove down to the hospital. I was getting lot of sharp contractions by then and the interval was less and the frequency was more. Yes, I was already into active labor when I was stepping out of my house. We reached hospital at 10.40pm and I was barely able to walk cos of the contractions. When I went into the delivery ward, the midwife thought I wasn't right about being in active labor. They already had two patients in the labor room and hence took me to a waiting room where she put me on CTG.

All the while, I had my husband to note down whenever I was getting contractions and it was beautifully increasing. Called the midwife to show her the frequency and she still believed that I wouldn't dilate quickly and so she asked me to get into the bathtub in the waiting room. I got down and kept doing the breathing exercises whenever I had contractions. It was slowly increasing in frequency and intensity. When we called the midwife, she checked and told I'm just 6-7cms dialated and won't deliver any soon. But I told my husband that I'm gonna deliver soon. At one point, I was totally tired and as ma'am mentioned in the session, felt like giving up. That's when I got the urge to push. I asked my husband to call out the midwife

when I was already feeling my baby's head in the first push. When she came, she was really shocked and surprised as I was in transition and my baby was already on his way. She then called for the doctor who immediately connected the ctg and there came the second push and I delivered his head. The midwife motivated me during the third push and our baby's shoulders got delivered and he was pulled out.

He immediately cried and the midwife gave him on my chest. I kissed his forehead and said "don't cry Pappu. You are safe at amma's hands. See daddy is also here". He immediately opened his eyes and started looking around. The best moment of our life!

Later, I asked the doctor for the Apgar score and he had 10/10. Yes, as per my visualization, I had a very short labor (our son was born at 1.14am) and no manual intervention. I delivered him in a bath tub in a small waiting room.

He is exactly as per our visualization. That's the power of what we are trying to achieve through the sessions. Keep your faith, believe firmly like I did, stay positive (and if you find it getting even a little low, you know where to get it recharged!) and see the miracle unwind before your eyes!

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