27 August 2018

Mrs R


Happy to share my #birth story with you all.
First of all,I was someone who wud cry even for a small injection. I myself never had a positive thought on #pregnancy. So when I actually conceived the only thought that I had was fear of how I was going to go through my pregnancy and labor. When I was in my third month I went through some of Ananthi mam's videos on youtube and decided to join #Happy #motherhood. I joined her classes in the fifth month only but kept following some things in the video even before.

And so the actual magic began when I joined HM. Within the first week of my class, I was able to feel my #baby respond to the vedic chants.And the magic continued. I felt so positive and energetic throughout my pregnancy. It was actually a cake walk.

And coming to my #labor story,I went in for my routine checkup at the end of my 38th week.(aug 4)After chking the baby wt(3.4) and my afi the doc asked me to get admitted on Aug 6th for labor induction.After doing the pelvic examination, she told me that the pelvis is not so good and we may have to go for c sec if necessary. As soon as i reached home I called Ananthi mam. She boosted my #confidence and told me to stay strong and visualize. she told me that the effort that i put wouldnt be wasted.

So I kept doing my daily routine on aug 5th. walking for 3 hrs..200 squats.. climbing two floor stairs 10 times along with visualization. I also kept telling my kuttyma that you shouldnt trouble mumma a lot and should come out really quick and easy.. i have been telling her this almost everyday.. priya's words..three pushes.. head..shoulder and body comes out.. so my #baby almost knows this byheart i guess..

So finally on Monday I got admitted around 2 pm. The doc applied gel around 2.30 pm. She told we can wait till tomo morning with 2 more rounds of gel and 2 more trips to induce pain. Based on thr progress we can decide if we can go for normal or csec. By 3pm itself I started getting contractions every 5 min. I kept doing squats and breathing exercises. At around 5pm the nurses checked me and told I was 3cm dilated. By then I had continuous contractions but I just kept talking to my baby within that I was waiting to hold her.

At around 7pm I kept getting severe contractions. When I asked the nurses to check they told me that it will take 12 hrs fr the first baby to come. Also we are yet to give you the main trips. So bear the pain. Actual pain will not start fr yu this soon. Around 7.30pm my contractions were very strong and I asked the nurses to check again. I informed them of this. After which they checked me and were shocked to see that i was already 6cm dilated. They called the doctor immediately. When she examined, I was 7cm dilated within the next 15 min. And my water broke.The doc herself didnt expect me to progress so quickly. She told ine round of gel itself,there is a good progress. Let us wait fr the baby to land into the pelvis else we have to go fr csec.

I was actually little dispapointed at this statement.But never lost hope. I kept visualizing that I will have my baby only through normal #delivery. This happened around 8.45pm. Also baby's heart rate was very low when i had these severe contractions. So the doc checked me again at 9pm and told my husband that I was completely dilated but the baby isnt in the pelvic still and heart rate has lot of variations and we have to go for c sec. I was totally unaware of this.

At around 9.15pm my contractions were very severe and I felt the urge to push. I kept telling the nurses to check but they denied since they were busy preparing fr csec formalities. Around 9.30pm I asked the nurses to check me again as i already started pushing. They checked and were shocked to see the baby'a head crowning. The nurse simply ran out to call the doc who was also shocked.I was immediately shifted to the labor room at 9.45pm. And yes..Not even 3 pushes.. it was just 2 ..my angel came out in just 2 pushes at around 10pm.

Her bw was 3.6 kg and apgar was 10/10.The doc told me that the last 15 min everything changed miraculously and you had a normal delivery.I know my baby listened to what I said and followed.When they brought her to me I just said Thank you kuttyma and yes she was smiling in her sleep. everyone around had tears of happiness since it was unbelievable that a #newborn could respond so beautifully.

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