30 August 2018

Mrs A M


It was a Sunday when I hit 39th week. I was showing no signs of labor up to this point. Spoke with doctor on phone. I was asked to admit in hospital. My husband in overseas and I updated him. We took hospital bag and reached hospital. Doctor had a check and said excessive show and wanted induce pain. In previous scan we were told baby's had umbilical cord wrapped around neck and position not changed and would require C-section due to complexity. It was bit stress that time. But, I was keep telling myself and universe that I'll deliver baby normally.

Doctor don't want to take risk and finally I was forced to induce pain on Sunday night 8 PM. I still believed it will be normal delivery.I felt contraction started and moderate pain continues for 24 hours. Doctor said no improvement in dilation. Later I felt heavy pain as dose was increased. But, no improvement in dilation.

Doctor and my family decided to go for C-section if no improvement in next few hours. My husband reached hospital. It was great moral support when he was with me. Doctor kept increasing dose and no improvement in dilation. It was painful. But, we both were believing universe and had full confidence on normal delivery

Finally, My family requested doctor to go-ahead with C-section. But, my husband wanted to wait. Doctor also got ready and asked sisters prepare operation theatre.

I was taken to theatre and my husband was still with me inside theatre. We both didn't lose confidence. Doctor has seen our confidence and told us she can wait 2 hours of time. if no improvement, will go for c-section.We didn’t lose hope. Finally universe grants us what we asked and deserved. Yes. My little bundle came out noramlly after 32 hours. I feed her in 15 mins. She is so active and exactly as I visualized. It is great moment to see her expression when we call her with nick name Kutti Mailu( We used to call her in that name when she was in womb).

All the confidence I got from happy motherhood session. Mam's breathing exercise and motivation helped it. You have to just believe it and keep strong mentally. Thats all, universe will make miracle for us.
As Ananthi mam always says go hospital only after completing half of the labor. Don't go like me-:)

I have enjoyed my pregnancy days. Was had chance to read many books and completd 500+ Sudoko puzzles. I did drawing. Now I'm showing my black and white drawings to her. Litreally she is so happy to see black and white drawings with her tiny eyes.

Great thanks to My husband ,Ananthi mam and Universe !

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