9 October 2018

Mrs S


Hello!! I joined #Happy #Motherhood in the end of my seventh month and started following all the good practices thought during the #class. Learnt many things which I had no clue about.My due date was Aug21st and my doc said nothing to worry about during my last check up with her on Aug 8th.

Aug 10th early morning around 4 I felt a sharp #kick and went back to sleep, around 5:30 I felt wet thought it was my white discharge and went to check, but I was bleeding so I immediately called the doctor and she asked me to come directly, on checking she said am bleeding heavily but the sac is not ruptured and asked me to get admitted and wait for the pain.

They started me on drips and I had no pain, doc said it’s better to push me to C-section as the babi's heart beat is increasing and she might start drinking the fluid. Since I had learnt almost everything during the class I wasn’t terrified and went into the OT. It was a BOY #baby . After a week I recovered very fast and everyone who came to see the baby said I’ve nvr seen anyone who underwent C recover so fast. Not to mention #breastfeeding got easier only since I learnt it beforehand. Thanks to Happy Motherhood.

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