20 December 2018

Mrs Sw


My EOD was on dec 10th. During my 39th week (3rd week of nov) itself Dr said u may expt labour pain any time.
From Nov mid all people at home were expecting for pain any time.I was very often getting false pain for 2 weeks before my delivery.

My wish was baby should be born on dec month.Since my anniversary and my birthday is on dec.Correctly my baby was also brn on dec 1st.Just waited for my wish i guess 😊🥰

Nov 30th night 1:45 a.m my contraction started.I was not sure this time also whether it is true or false contraction So i waited till 6a.m. Daily i visualize my labor should start only on early morning time.Because my hospital is far away from home i can reach soon Both myslf and my husband always tell that we
must reach hospital in 30 mins with no Traffic in morning time.

Similarly By 6:30 we reached hospital. The nurse examined and said its true contraction
U may deliver baby by 1 p.m
I had some drink and by 7:30 i went into the labour ward
Nurse opened the water bag then gave me enema
By 9 they gave me drips and epidural
I really dono the importance of pranayam til that moment. the nurse kept on instructing me to do breathing exercises alone for next 1 hr.


The baby correctly moved to position - 2 to 1 in correct timing as dr expected.
Expecting moms plz do pranayam regularly and it wil help u to great extent
Also at final moments during my baby is about to come, kegal exercises done before helped me to easily move my baby dwn
Dr came inside by 12:55
I was fully out of energy i scared dr just now came stil how long it is gng to take
But for 5 mins she was putting all the operation threatre dresses
May be by 12:59 she came near me
By 1 clock the baby came out
I cant believe that moment
Thanks soo much to the hospital too

They allowed my husband to be with me through out
I tortured him like anythng for 6 hrs.
But he was very supportive and gave me full positive energy through out...
Since he also attended classes in HM he kept on telling me to visualize. As Anandhi mam always says positive words, which encouraged me a lot.
I wished a girl child from 1st but seeing my looks every one guessed its a boy baby... I was even some time put dwn during preg times
God really made my wish come true i got my little princess 😊😊😊

Thank u Happy Motherhood
U really dont know how much meaning full u turned my preg days
If i have not been here
My pregnancy would have really been soo mechanical.All my positive thoughts, daily exercise i learned here made this as a smooth journey
Really blessed to come across HM in right time in my life.

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