22 December 2018

Mrs S


Let me share with you Ppl about me..
I was more sensitive, weak, used to feel scared before taking up the task. then came my life's turning point Happy motherhood.It changed me entirely.everyone In my family could feel the same.Now I am packed with positivity, confidence to face anything that crosses my way.

Only because of HM I enjoyed my pregnancy days. I never had
**sleep problems even on my 9th month
**leg swellings
**Fear of labor or anything
In my entire pregnancy life.. And the last one is I am already 1 finger dilated on the start of my 9th month..

My labor story :
Except the date everything was based on my visualization.Yes that's true!!! It was Dec 15th,2018..2 days before..
We went for regular check up and we had scan that day.the scan results was quite shocking as we had water level with 5%. The normal level is Atleast 8-10%.i was already on my 38th week 2nd day. It was 1pm, hence doctor advised Me to get admitted immediately(within an hour).

At 2 pm the water was broken and gel was applied.but there was not even a single drop of water coming out due to water insufficiency . My mom cried literally and she fixed that it will be a c-section. I was very confident that I will deliver as per my visualization and convinced my mom. I had false contractions too. I was taken to labor ward At 6pm.till 7:30 I was not even ready for labor as my husband was on his way from Chennai and it would take 10 pm for him to reach.

But I was constantly visualizing he will be there before I deliver. My mom who was with me in labor helped me to talk to him over the phone..His words were very motivating. Only after that I felt relaxed and got into labor situation. at 8:10pm pain was induced through drips.I was just doing deep deep breathe whenever I had contraction.I was telling myself that I am going to see my 10 months investment in few minutes.

Next to me was another girl for Labor who was constantly requesting to do operation and shouted due to unbearable pain. I fixed myself that I should never shout neither cry during my labor as I wanted to teach my baby the strength of baring any situation. As soon as the drips was induced I had frequent true contractions.I constantly said * I can do it** I felt drowsy and tired after every contraction but my mother encouraged me to breathe.


My mom said till 10:30 it's a very good time as per Astro, @10 I fixed I will deliver within 10:30.Contraction was still increasing, I felt the feeling to push and I did the same.I delivered my cute lil baby on the 1st good long push at 10:17pm. Normal delivery is the only part where everything could be felt. I could feel the baby passing through cervix. I could feel the moment she came out.that feeling was really touching 😍Mom's to be never miss it..

My visualization was
1.My husband should be near me during my labor
2.my labor story should be 3 hours and 3 push delivery
3.The time should be a good time as per astrology
4.Delivery should be at Dec 31st @12
5.My baby should see me 1st and she should respond me when I call her with our pet name.
6.My weight should be 77

And the highlights of my labor were

1.My husband reached hospital at 8:30pm by catching the alternative bus.I still can't believe how that happened.
2.my labor story was exactly 2hours and 10 mins. I delivered on my 1st push naturally without epidural
3.9-10:30pm was a good time as per astro
4.only delivery date was missed as I delivered on Dec 15
5.Pappu was pulled out facing me and she opened her eyes when I called her pappu with a cute smile.Awesome response..
6.I weighed 76 1/2 on my labor day

Above all I could see the reflections of activities I did from the second I delivered from my baby 😍😍She is responding well whenever we call her with the pet Name, she is emotionally well balanced.She clearly listens and respond when we talk to her. Great response for all the womb sounds played after birth.Happy motherhood babies are definitely unique than other babies.

Hence I would like to conclude that everything is possible with strong determination, positivity and the belief we keep on ourselves.

We all are blessed to be a part of HM. all our positivity reflects for the minute we deliver our baby.My sincere thanks to Anandhi mam and Priya mam,who are the reason for all the magic happened in my life today..


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