3 January 2019

Mrs R S


Hi mothers to be ..I gave birth to my baby girl thro caeserian section on Dec 16 ..sharing my birth story here..hop it's useful to u all
I was doing really well until 37 weeks when amniotic fluid was getting low ..I was started on strict monitoring and suddenly on Dec 15, since my fluid level dropped drastically, doctor advised admission and induction..After using 4 gels in 24 hrs , though pain started , cervix opened only 2 cms ..since baby was in distress they advised LSCS to be on safer side ..

I was down thinking that though I followed diet, exercise, visualisation to my best , why did I end up in surgery..and me n my husband wanted only natural birth and to witness our baby's Birth together...but when doctor discussed reg baby's safety v accepted for surgery ...As I was taken to theatre, since i am a doctor I knew what r each steps ahead... i thought not to panic and so used my breathing techniques here to keep myself calm so I am ready to hear n feel my little one soon..

I was hearing all doctors speaking that thankfully v proceeded for surgery as fluid was little and they suctioned inside...after that noise I heard my little one crying n coming out..immediately doctor announced that its a healthy baby girl with APGAR 9 ...I started crying when they brought my little one close to my right shoulders and I felt her for the first time to be soft n wet.then after half an hour I fed her and she latched on immediately as visualised ..


I was shifted to room where they got my baby..nurse told baby is doing great ..What else does a mother need than seeing her little one stay calm n comfortable?
I wish to state that though me n my husband did everything for natural labour since my early days of pregnancy, it did not go as expected..I am happy that me n baby r doing safe, happy and healthy inspite of caeserian and v got discharged third day and I was able to carry out my needs since then

Happy motherhood helped
1.in bringing discipline to follow a routine during my pregnancy
2.made pregnancy more enjoyable
3.husbands understanding about pregnancy and his role in helping was better after the class
4.my little one was looking exactly as visualised😘 and she listens to all pregnancy songs with peace in her face now..she responded to my voice very soon after birth..and she s gazing my black n white toys while awake

My whole family,especially my husband was very proud that i crossed my pregnancy n delivery with majesty n confidence without a sick look anytime.
Thank u Teena , Ananthi mam and HM team ...would definitely recommend u to my friends n family
Stay happy always as happy mammas make happy babies..take care


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