5 January 2019

Mrs L


As per my visualization dec 12 th was my big day But i gotta pain on dec 15nth morning(39 weeks 1 day) , went hospital by 9 o clk morning.. At that time my cervix dilation was 2 cms..did workout walking and kept on visualising.. I m feeling moderate contraction on regular interval but i m not getting severe contraction....I was keep on walking and again they checked for dilation by 3 o clk and still i was only 5 cms dilated and finally Dr told me that we will wait till evening 6 or otherwise will go for c sec

I didnt even got full dilation till evening.... keep on believing tat i ll get my lil one out by normal delivery...partner also supported me a lot...Suddenly my contarction keep on increasing from 4o clk... Again dr checkd for the dilation by 6.30.... And still i didnt get my proper dilation... And she encouraged me and she wanna wait till 9.30pm....really she gave me strength and believe and she ruptured my membrane also....

By 8 o clk i fixed mindset tat i ll definitely do it...and had a believe in myself... By 8.30 pm i felt severe contraction and pushy feel and they shifted me to labour ward by 8.45 pm... By 9.15 dr came.. finally got full dilation and I tried my level best pushes..... By 9.43 pm.... I got my lil princess out by natural delivery.😍... As per my visualization but 2 days apart..morning pain started and my partner received a baby💞.

The moment i felt happy and very thankful to Anandhi mam and priya mam..... They gave me a different perspective about pregnancy and labour.... I was very happy and active during my pregnancy days. Thanku so much..... Happymotherhood 😍

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