21 December 2017

Mrs B


Hello everyone, Hope you all doing good ! ☺👍🏾

Apologies for sharing birth story of my little bundle of joy late as you would know of busy parenting duties 😊 okay let's get started !

MIRACLES DO HAPPEN IN LIFE ! I hope this birth story will inspire the expecting mothers and their families ! It is very big story, please don't mind !

It all started on 38th week of my pregnancy. We visited Global hospital and they advised regular scan but to all our surprise our little baby weighed 3.5 kg !! 😊 As soon as we saw that i was very much scared but was confident.. My mother in law was so scared that she started praying 😊😊 All thoughts were running in my mind on whether padmapriya mam will suggest c section that day itself..😁 My hubby also became so restless ! ,then we saw padmapriya mam, she suggested weight is on higher side and asked us to admit on Nov 23 to induce labor which is the start of 39th week.

So the anxious week started ! Just three days before admitting , i felt some prickly pain in my lower abdomen , i said the same to our beloved Ananthi mam , she said it could be start of labor pain but asked me to wait and sleep well. Her confidence soothened me , i went to sleep that day..I didn't get any contraction till the D date !

It was morning Nov 23 - i had usual breakfast, mood was good and we went to Global hospital and admitted to labor ward and i was induced pain by applying Gel at around 3 PM ., As soon as they induced , back pain started and i was managing with breathing exercises which came handy.. There was also contraction and i managed somewhat.It was around 11 PM , Dr checked me and i was 2 cm dilated and 50 % effaced.She said Good and next day morning they said they will further induce. All these time ctg was monitoring my baby heart beat ! It was smooth sailing till this time ! But there was twist in the tale ..😒

Next day , Nov 24 they induced me and I got strong contraction and was managing contraction somehow and since all expected by today that I will deliver but the dilation didn't happen 😵They applied strong dose and i was withering in pain and was fully exhausted because i was not taking food as well. Till that night it came only uptil 3 cm , then doctor's stopped the induce doses and said like we will wait till natural contraction happen but that never happened.a

Next day Nov 25 , it was only 4 cm and no signs of improvement, i was exhausted completely 😐 My hubby cheered me but i was in no mood to listen him. It was around 4 PM , Dr said last chance is by breaking the amnoitic fluid and induce the pain, if there s no improvement she said we will go for c section. My hubby and me strongly believed that normal delivery will happen and my hubby also remained about the inspiration given by Ananthi Mam and importance of normal delivery and we decided to take this last chance since we suffered 2 days for natural birth and we both wanted normal delivery from the day we attended happymotherhood But chance was 90% c section.😖unfortunately we cant deny that..

At around 7, they broke my amniotic fluid, it s painless procedure only , After induction I felt very strong contraction and unbearable pain .. i was progressing very fast from 5, 6,7,8,9 cm in just 15 min and my baby descended and Divya doctor took me to labor ward , i was completely dialted to 10 cm . It is not yet over ! 😊

In labor ward, for each contraction as said by Anathi mam i was pushing baby but baby s not coming out and i pushed for nearly 3 hrs ! Yes you read it right 3 hrs. Our little bundle of joy coped us well. My husband was with me all the time and he motivated me throughout , then Dr mam came and with almighty , Beautiful baby boy arrived naturally with the help of vaccum ! I thanked Padmapriya mam, divya mam, sisters whole heartedly.


I hope this story will give at least some motivation to expectant mothers!

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