16 January 2019

Mrs S


I would like to share my labour story and hope it would give some learnings..

After watching the videos in YouTube,both of us, decided to go for a counselling with Ananthi mam... after a meet with her, we realised that there are lot to know and do during pregnancy and we felt a spark and trust in her speech and smile, so we planned to join a class.

After joining the class, I felt the difference in my behaviour and i felt old sathya for the first time after marriage... I engaged myself in the activities given by mam, and due to this, my dependency level was reduced and my understanding level was improved along with the baby bonding.

I was consistent in doing exercises, and with my diet so i had a healthy pregnancy where i never had any complaints in any of the aspects of pregnancy except severe vomit (throughout my pregnancy).
I visualised my baby in cephalic presentation and to my surprise, in the 7th month scan my baby was in cephalic presentation. I realised the power of visualisation on that moment.

No matter what, I had a strong vision on my diet, and took a healthy food throughout my pregnancy but I could feel the scarce in dialy protein requirements, abd water intake due to severe nausea.

Then in the 36th week scan, for the first time, we got to know that the water level was insufficient 7.1 AFI where the minimum requirement is 12. and doctor advised to put 2bottle of drips on daily basis. before starting to put a drips , i got 2 days of time, where i visualised to improve my AFI atleast to 11. with my husband's support and Ananthi mams advice had a plenty of water and protein in my daily diet and avoided the carbs to my maximum extent. After 2 days water level was improved to 10.8 . Then after a week of drips intake, water level was sustained in 11. And doctor advised to put drips only once in a week from twice in a day. And this once in a week is just to avoid stopping immediately..

And while checking up cervical area was getting soft. And said everything is in a positive state, waiting only for babys head fixing...

Birth story:
From December 31st i had a urgency feel both in my bladder and bowel area.
On 3rd January, i went for putting drips, which doctor advised to put once in a week.. and while returning home i felt an urgency.I was not able to sleep whole night and had a instinct that something is abnormal, so was keep on messaging and calling my husband, so as to make him aware and alert.

By 10 am I called hospital and visited doctor around 10.45. While checking, doctor had a doubt, if the discharge is babys motion.. and while checking, it was found that fluid was completely drained due to leakage for more than 12hrs.. even then , doctor said that there is a small scope for normal delivery inspite of the serious situation, as babys head is nearby and there is a least membrane present in the fluid and babys heart rate(142avge) , my Bp level (110/70) everything was normal provided, there should be 100 percent cooperation from my side. Also she mentioned that if heart rate of baby becomes abnormal ( high probability) or if my BP level goes abnormal there is no chance for normal delivery

i was strongly visualising for normal delivery. and pain started only by 12.45 with 2fingers open. But pain was very much tolerable with the breathing techniques and pranayama.doctor told me to walk and do Squats without a rest. around 4 pm I was taken to the labour ward and i got moderate pain by 4.00 pm and I was strongly visualising for normal FHR , BP and normal delivery and did more than 200 squats along with walking. By 6.10 while doctor was checking, only 2.5 cms was opened and said that it will take even more time.. but I dont want to wait for a long time, so i spoke to my baby and asked him to come in another half n hour.. but i still have only moderate pain and only 2.5 cms was opened...

To my surprise, doctor came in around 6.20pm when I was interacting with my baby and said that if I Cooperate to the fullest, she can try for normal. but there is only a least scope.. I strongly told her that i will cooperate..i badly wanted to see my husband, and was longing for his presence in labour ward... before telling my desire , doctor itself asked my husband to come in, in the middle of my labour. i was very much happy .. she showed the green colour dicharge and said that seems like baby has Swallowed the stool, and it has to come out with in an hour.. and baby heart rate may go abnormal any time.. but as a last chance she gave some grace time and told me to push when i get an intense pain..
she did episiotomy and told me to give a strong push.. and with in 10mins (6.34pm) i heard my babys voice..

Doctor appreciated me for my 100 percent cooperation and emotional stability at the time of labour. and stated that If i had not co-operated, the labour duration would have even extended to minimum of 3hrs.

My visualisation:
delivery date jan 20, early morning
AFI to become normal,
BP, HB, FHR, sugar level to be normal throughout pregnancy,
babys quick cephalic presentation,
babys weight 2.8 but later with doctors advise visualised not to exceed 3 for 100percent
husbands presence in labour.
No episiotomy
normal delivery with very less pain and only 3 pushes,
Quick labour,
babys resemblance like his father.,
Emotional stability.

Delivery was on jan 4th.
AFI in the last scan was improved per my visualisation, though water was drained, baby was strong in surviving for more than 12 hrs with the least membrane present in the fluid at normal FHR.
BP was maintained to 110/70 through out my pregnancy and labour and HB level, sugar level was normal and FHR was 142 an average throughout my pregnancy and labour.
baby was in cephalic in the end of 7th month,
baby was 2.99 at the time of labour,
husband was asked to come in , in the middle of labour for few minutes,
I had only moderate pain that too not more than an hour. and only 4 pushes.
Admitted only by 12.45 and taken to labour ward after 4.00 pm and was there for 2 hrs and 30 mins and doctor came in by 6.15 and baby born by 6.34 pm.
baby has my husband's resemblance.
I dint cry till the entire labor, managed pain as much as i can, and handled my pain by way of laughing for the conversations between doctor and nurses, so as to maintain my BP, FHR at the time of labour...

Thanks to Ananthi mam, priya mam and Happy Motherhood for educating and giving me a wonderful pregnancy experience..

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