23 January 2019

Mrs B


Thank you so much Ananthi mam n priya mam.. 😊🙏🏼Blessed to be part of Happy Hotherhood..Here is my birth story

January 8th was my due date...Head was about to come down but not yet down. As nearing the date i increased the excersie n walking double times..Head got fixed but I didn't get pain ..Things were good and doctor asked to get admitted on January 7th for inducing since mouth didn't open..7th night 10pm inducing started n morning they started with dosage..I kept on walking n keep on communicating with baby that we both should be strong n do a normal delivery ...Kept on visualizing the normal delivery video ...

Morning 1st n 2nd stage pain i was mearly coping up with labour. Breathing n my positive strong mindset (inhale n exhale mouth ) really it helped a lot ..I was in active labour at this stage..This stage the pain was heavy n i couldn't bear it..I wanted my husband to be with me..I asked nurse she told she ll call but before that my husband came inside n it was great support...I became so tired n couldn't bear the intense pain , that's when I realized though we give up on what we need the universe will create a situation to happen what we wanted..


Husband n nurse who was with me inside made it happen..They positively said you have come this far don't give up now ...I was going on with their motivation at last the doctor came n saw head is seen out n husband saw n said yes chellakutty head is seen ...They told if u push baby ll come...I was so relieved..Doctor told just 1hour you push when pain comes n baby will be out.. i was like 1 hour ahh no doctor i ll push soon remembering priya words 1 2 3 pushes..Gave my full effort n pushed within 20 mins n chellakutty was in my hand ..

As i visualized , she was crying n when I called her chellakutty she just became quite n listening to me..Every one was shocked to see that scene..Our Little Princiness came to this world naturally...
I can confidently say that all mothers who joined Happy Motherhood n sincerely follow mam teaching you will surely achieve what you visualize... 😊


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