27 January 2019

Mrs R


Hi all I am very glad to share my birth story. My lil prince born on Christmas Eve at 4.50pm.On 25th morn at 6 am slight contraction started for me.Initially I can't identify I thought it was back pain aft 7 it was strong by 7.30 I informed my husband that contraction has started.My mom was with me then I had a cup of milk and taken a shower .

Then as usual I prayed God and had my breakfast it was around 8.30 .10mts once contraction started.We packed all things and ready to go for hospital.nearly it will take 45 Mts from home to reach hospital bt I didn't like to go early so we started from home by 10 in between the journey we stopped car at pallikkaranai and I walked for some time .Then started our journey, by this time 5 mts once contractions started wenever I felt pain I did deep breathing.

FInally we reached hospital by 11 doc checked me and directly went labour ward.No one was allowed inside.I changed my dress and completed all the procedures.IV was given and by my side there was a clock so it was easy for me to see the time. I prayed God within 6pm I should deliver my baby.Inbetween my husband alone was allowed to see me asusual he encouraged me.

At 12.30. My water had broken and staffs told me to push the baby.Enima also given.I started to try my best somewat got drained then by 4 I had one juice and again started to push out my baby came out by 4.50.when his loud voice was heard all the pain had flew away.Its an amazing moment.

I really thank Anita mam(Head of Happy Motherhood Velachery) who supported me lot and guiding me to handle all situations.

I thank Anathi mam and entire HM team for organizing the prenatal classes.Pranayam helped me lot to deliver my baby and strong visualization is also must.To all upcoming mom have ur visualization strong and have determined mindset.My prayers and wishes to all.

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