30 January 2019

Mrs M C


From 21/1/19 morning moderate contraction has started to her. In our home, our grand mother gave some natural syrup to her and she was fine. But for us, our hospital is far away. Another thing contraction is not stable, so we started to hospital and doctor suggested to admit on 22nd early morning.

Doctor gave medicine and enima but pain was not stable so again they had given medicine to induce the pain. From 12 pm heavy Contraction has started but Our chikili baby's head not seated well so doctor preferred to do C section. But by sharp 5.30 pm our chikili 👸🏻girl baby has came out.

As per Teena mam's training, labour exercise, Breathing techniques helped her to manage the pain. visulations techniques helped her a lot and the baby is exactly what we thought.

We call our baby us Chikili, she listens and keeps calm when we both call chikili. All the best to future moms keep practicing Breathing exercise and Labour Exercise it will help you at the time of labour. Thank you to Teena mam and Ananthi mam for your great support and training😀🍫


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