6 February 2019

Mrs D


My placenta was low lying in my scan at 21 weeks and as Ananthi mam and Priya mam suggested I included that in my visualization too. I was asked not to do any exercises and squats because of low lying placenta.Ever since I conceived I used to speak to my baby. Myself and my husband used to ask our baby daily to push the placenta up soon. At 28 weeks scan I got to know that baby was in cephalic presentation(happy news) but there was no change in placenta position.I kept believing strongly that it would move up and out of way soon.

At 31 weeks scan it did move up a little(about 2.3cm away) but there was another new concern. 3 loops of cord around the neck of fetus and aminotic fluid index(AFI) was 11.34cm. Dr informed me that if placenta is low lying and the loops didn't clear up by 36 weeks I would have a planned C Section.She was also concerned about my fluid level and prescribed me arginine powder for a week. I had a slightly strong desire to deliver naturally but I also was trying to accept if situations weren't favourable I should be able to go with what's best to bring my baby safely.

But I had a strong belief that everything will be normal by the time I deliver.Again we told our baby to untangle the loops safely. In next 10 days Dr asked me to get my aminotic fluid level checked.My AFI dropped a bit to 10.49cm but there was a surprise. It came out that NO CORD AROUND NECK AS SEEN IN PREVIOUS SCAN. It happened in just a week. Dr said multiple loops getting cleared is a rarity.We thanked our baby for listening to us and I also told my lil one just 8 more weeks please do not think of playing with cord again.

And since placenta was still a bit on the lower end I was asked not to do any exercises. But I felt it was high time I started doing something. I started doing basic stretches, walking and breathing exercises . Since I was working, initially I couldn't bring up a routine in doing all these activities. I did them when I was able to and few days when I was a bit tired I skipped. My husband even prepared a chart for me for daily activities. Whatever I could do alongside my office work(listening to music, non dominant activities, prenatal tape,baby communication, visualization) I did and exercises took a little back seat.

That was when Ananthi ma'am announced challenge for Elite participants to take up daily activities. This gave me the much needed push to focus on diet and exercises. Seeing fellow mom's performing sincerely gave me the motivation I was looking for.So from start of November I started checking out most of the activities in my daily chart. In my 33rd week I took a call to switch hospital as I was not confident enough if she would support and wait for normal delivery under the conditions I was in. And finally placenta moved up at 33 weeks ,AFI was 13 cm but there was a single loop of cord around neck of the fetus. I just thought my baby was really playful and active. Anyways I again asked my lil one to untangle this loop too.

This time my new gynaec said we could try for normal delivery and gave a set of workouts similar to what we learnt in Happy Motherhood. My due date was December 26 and so I decided to wind up my office from December. On November 29th early morning I felt some sharp period like pains which lasted intermittently for few hours and then I slept off. November 30th was my last working day at office. But I was a bit uncomfortable with some mild abdominal pains since morning. I called up Ananthi ma'am to check if I could get labour pains this early. Luckily she picked up my call and asked me to carry on. She said even if labor pains start I have 30 mins time to reach hospital and so I needn't worry.

I made it to office, finished my formalities and reached home by 5PM evening. I was totally exhausted and felt some discomfort. After taking a warm shower I went to bed to get some rest. But the pains and discomfort didn't subside and I felt really uneasy. I knew it was too early and wanted to check with Dr once if it was false pains as I didn't want to end up running in the middle of the night. I went to hospital around 8PM and complained of cramp like pains and they asked me to wait in casualty.Since her appointments were full,it took around 40 mins to meet the Dr. She checked and told me that I was 1cm dilated and asked me to get admitted. She wanted to observe me for the next 24 hours to see if pain progresses else she told she would send me home next night.

I was 36 weeks 2 days then so she told they will not induce or do anything to accelerate pain as it can be done only when we enter 38weeks+. I least expected that I would get admitted that day.My visualization date was 9th of December (my appas birthday).I knew it wws preterm but I thought everyone at home would be utmost happy if it happens. I was given a bed only by night 12PM that too in general shared ward. Though I was tired somehow due to the hospital environment which was very new for me,I couldn't get any sleep. I was lying wide awake listening to my baby's heart beat which was being monitored and slowly realised that pains were getting subsided.

I kept talking to my baby asking my lil one when they are planning to arrive. Next morning (Saturday -December 1st) around 9 30 AM Dr came and checked me again. She said I was 1-2cms dilated and asked me to start doing walking,squats and exercises. I asked her if I could go home and come back again as I didn't have much pains. She wanted to check my AFI level before taking a call. My AFI came out as 9.5cm and the single loop remained as it was in earlier scan. Dr said she can't send me home as AFI shouldn't dip further and asked me to catch some rest and then do exercises. I spent the next half of the day walking all across the hospital, climbing stairs, doing kegels and squats taking small breaks in-between.I was completely exhausted that night and got some sleep.Whenever I woke up in the night, I alternated between resting and doing walking,squats,steps climbing & kegels.

Next morning I woke up to strong contractions. I started making note of time and duration of each contraction. I noticed that each contraction was roughly between 40 minutes to one hour apart and I did some breathing exercises to cope up with it. I was trying to stay as calm as possible hoping that things will go well.Since it was a Sunday Dr didn't visit me that day and I continued doing exercises as much as I could do. I was moved to individual room that day. Around 9PM that night I shared my contraction pattern to Ananthi ma'am. She said it seems like irregular yet and asked to go with Drs word. Next morning my contractions became closer and stronger. When Dr came and checked me she said I was 2cms dilated and cervix was soft and my labor would progress by that day itself.I showed her the frequency of contractions I had noted down, she was surprised and said you have beautifully noted when you've got pains. In the next one hour around 10AM, I was moved to labor ward.

Baby's heart beat was being closely monitored and nurses informed me whenever it dipped. Each time they were telling me I just kept saying baby is hale and healthy ,will come to me quick,easy and safe.As much as possible I spent my time speaking to baby. Nurses there wondered whom I'm talking to. Few times they came to me thinking I called them. I didn't remember all that was told in our classes at that moment. But as Priya said I kept doing some breathing exercise each time I had a strong contraction ; and kept repeating that I will deliver quick,easy and safe. Though my labor was enduring this mindset helped me relax a bit.

Around 1PM, they asked me to go back to my room have lunch(only rasam rice) and then do as much exercises as possible. That was when I was barely able to walk as contractions were heavier. I managed doing what I could taking rests in between. By evening 6PM Dr checked and told I was 2-3 cms dilated but I couldn't do any walking then and I was moved to labor ward. Around 8PM I was really tired and surprisingly slept off for 20 minutes. I woke up and asked my baby to stop making me wait further and come out soon. By 9PM Dr checked and said I was 3cms dilated and she asked nurses to allow me have juices till I deliver. I badly wanted to meet someone from my family but they only allowed passing fruit juices to me. Around 10PM Dr broke my aminotic fluid and I felt a gush of water. She said fluid was clear and I would deliver in next 6 hours.

I felt like breaking down as it was really tiring but I knew I had to keep myself calm and relaxed else things will go otherwise. That's when I pleaded to meet someone from my family. My mom was allowed for few minutes. She tried giving me confidence and told I have come this far and it would end soon. But I was in a very restless state,I was yelling a bit and then I listened to her and calmed down.There were few nurses in the labor ward but they kept coming in and going out.In next few minutes I felt an urge to push , there was no one around me and I just did 2-3 pushes.At last when I actually didn't notice that clock running right in front of me, few nurses rounded my bed.

A duty Dr checked and said something to the nurse. She ran outside. As I had spent 4 days in the hospital, I knew almost all staffs,ayyas there. One nurse came close to me and said to me akka baby is coming out soon. I just said no Dr said 6 hours, its not even an hour now. She said no no that nurse has gone to call Dr ma'am, we all are eager to see your baby.In no time Dr came inside. Next 20 minutes I didn't know what was happening I just kept pushing when I felt,shouted when I wanted to and kept doing breathing exercises whenever possible.

Finally I heard Dr saying "It's a baby boy!". I was super relieved first and then super happy. I asked them the time. It was exactly at 11 25 PM on December 3rd.All nurses and staffs there were even more happy for me that I made it after this long wait. Before I could get shifted to my ward, everyone there came up and congratulated me. He was 36 weeks and 5 days when he was born.My baby had an APGAR Score of 9. Exactly at 11 50 PM(within 25 minutes) I breastfed him for the first time.

I have delivered a happy,healthy,active and energetic baby exactly as per my visualisation. We are super happy. All credits to my family and Happy Motherhood. All birth affirmations, Priyas words(her voice kept flashing in my mind throughout) gave me the confidence to handle natural delivery. Even though I spent 4 long days with contractions I never thought of asking an epidural or C section. I kept telling my body is prepared to give birth and can handle it well. As always said in our classes, no one can handle a baby better than their mom, from Day1 I lifted him and did everything for him without bugging anyone much.When he was 12 days, me and husband tried giving him bath too(when my mom who usually gives him bath time wasn't there).

Before coming to HM, I had no ideas about pregnancy and child birth. So everything in my mind was painted by HM and hence I only had positive thoughts.Throughout pregnancy and even now during breastfeeding days having a person to reach out for was a greatest boon. Thanks for your continued support Ananthi ma'am and Priya ma'am

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