25 February 2019

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Hi my dear expecting moms, I am happy to share my - birth story experience here.

Cake walk:
Right from my first month I never had any inconveniences in pregnancy, I never had nausiya or morning sickness or cramps, heart burn nothing. Though I'm bit health conscious person I never expect such a lucky first n second trimester. Meanwhile I was looking for right person guide on positive pregnancy aspects. Finally I found HM.

Happy Motherhood
During the fourth month I joined in HM Anna Nagar. The activities introduced by them were made my pregnancy more positive. After joining the HM WhatsApp group I started to see more n more fire like ladies in completing the activities but I'm not very fiery person I'm just an average kind. I did my max to complete all my activities, if I failed to complete any activity during the beginning I started to feel very bad, but latter i accepted my constraints limitations n stop feeling bad to not complete any one activity. Started to become very cool n getting happiness what ever I complete in a day stop worrying If i missed something.

8th and 9th Month:
Till 8th month my pregnancy is like cake walk. I never had any health issues.even a small uncomfortableness of pregnancy. I not even had tablets like calcium or iron I took everything from food supplements.

But I got very small issue during the 8th month of pregnancy it's just a Dry Cough.
But it affected me a lot ,- coz of it affected my first pillar (ie) nutritious diet, which got affected. Elders in the family wr started to interfere in my diet.
1. Lime juice, amla juice items wr stopped
2. They stopped me from having butter milk, and at a point even fruits wr stopped
3. Had lot of restrictions in food, since I'm unable to compensate through food supplements without any choice I myself started to have tablets for calcium and iron

There are so many complications there during pregnancy but I never imagine just a dry cough will disturb me this much. Day and night without any gap I had cough I can't even do breathing exercises properly coz of cough without any gap. Coz of changes in food habits constipation developed. My ribbons wr started to pain like anything I was not able to lay down and sleep during the night times with the help of birth ball, I had rest during night times.

In the 2 months of time period, I tried all natural ways to get rid of the cough, allopathic, acupuncture and pranic healing. But nothing worked out. Meanwhile my husband also affected with severe cough.
I fed up, the cough psychologically disturbed me a lot. In the family elders wr started to worrying if have cough like this then it'll affect me during delivery n also after delivery the stiches will be very painful.

Focus on what I want:
There are hardly 4 days for my delivery due date. I started to think deeply to have happy delivery n stop worrying also stopped all method of medicines. last four days I became like a sage (munivar), without any gap I did breathing exercises, visualization, keep on blessing my husband n child, started to forgive whomever hurt me. And keep on blessing all good hearts around me as much as possible. After two days the day n night cough sound reduced almost I'm normal.

Feb 15th is my due date but before that I never had any false contractions no symptoms nothing. On Feb 15 morning by 3.50am felt lil uncomfortableness and woke up from the bed, by 3.57 without any pain my Pani kudam got ruptured. I stayed back in home for some time but flow increased a lot then I informed family members, after that immediately started to hospital.

By 5am doctors wr checked and told they will wait for 48 hours if no pain, will induce it. after that also nothing worked out then will go for c section. Right from that moment started to pray n visualise for proper pain and delivery.

Meanwhile I spoke with Aanandhi Ma'am and cleared certain doubts. Gradually by 11am, very less amount of pain developed then I started to use breathing techniques taught in HM. By evening 7 again doctors checked me and told 4cm dilated. They transferred me from general room to labor ward. My husband keep on visualising n me just focus on breathing.

Happy labor:
Once we reached labor room, everything start to happen like my visualisation, the doctors and team were very very friendly I started to feel like I'm with my friends. They very much appreciated me for using the pain coping technics. After some point I started to cross peak of pain the presence of my husband and his words Very much soothing for me. Again by 10pm doc checked and told by 11.45 you'll get the pushing feeling be ready for it.

I just focus only the breathing I forgot where am I? Time, whom around me I just focus only the breath, at a point I forgot even pain. Only breath breath breath. Between 10.45 to 11pm I reached pushing feeling. The doctors team were ready around me. Meanwhile they were kidding my husband for his facial reactions and his activities and they started to make fun of us, his love for me, how he suffering without pain. At that moment breathing and smiling only two things I had, suddenly felt like butterfly flattering feel my first push - i started to felt my baby, second push felt the flattering lil strongly. Third push he came out. Boy baby. The team wr shouted and congratulates both of us. Bundle of joy as a boy in the hands of us.

Dwelling in memories:
Almost we crossed a week, everyday I recall the moments in labour ward particularly those pushes and butterfly feeling it's just dwelling in my memory. My heartfelt sincere thanks to Happy Motherhood and Aanandhi Ma'am, seriously at a point forgot the pain and started to enjoy my labor not even shed single drop of tear but wear the smile. It happened only because of HM, my husband and the doctors team. Thanks and love you all.

Looking forward for 0 to 6 months Post Birth class

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