17 March 2019

Mrs A


Hi all,I went to HM perumbakkam branch for class.It was my second pregnancy. My first delivery was normal and it was like a fairytale experience. I wanted my second delivery also to be like first one. So I choose Happy Motherhood to keep myself motivated to follow healthy eating habits and to do yoga. It was really tough a bit to take care of small kid ,do yoga , and to eat properly in my second pregnancy . Trainer Priya 's class room session, Ananthi mam videos and HM WhatsApp group keeps on motivating me to follow the things for a normal delivery.

My second delivery was a little different experience, It made me more stronger than I imagine.

I had a little bit doubt whether visualising things will come real. But I am quite surprised yes what my subconscious mind thought and what I wrote came exactly as it was.

I wished for delivery on March 2 as it was my husband's birth date ,my amniotic sac should broke in morning and I will pack all my things relaxly and will reach hospital by 12 ,I should get pain after reaching hospital and delivery should be soon ,by 3 baby will be born.
Exactly Same happened on that day.I can't believe just by visualising things ,it happened as it was.

On March 1 ,I went to hospital for checkup, doctor said if I didn't get pain ,will induce on March 4 as it was the date given.we all planned to go on Monday March 4. on March 1 night I was seeing calendar and thinking visualising things didnt workout. But to my surprise on March 2 ,my amniotic sac broke at morning 9.20 .we get ready relaxly and packed items for hospital and reached at 12,Doctor checked me and said I was dilated 3 cm and delivery will happen within evening.I also got labour pain naturally after half an hour by 12.30 .

By 1'o clock pain came in right intervals . I asked for epidural during my first delivery as I was so scared of examination and pain was also unbearable . But while visualising birth story for this pregnancy I wished I should deliver without epidural and I should get that willpower & strength as that will be the real normal delivery. By 1.30 my pain increased to peak and I couldn't withstand the pain and asked doctor for epidural as I couldn't bear the pain.

Doctors also informed anaesthesist.But before he comes ,and within half an hour by 2 '0 clock,I was fully dilated so doctors asked me to push, At 2.20 in two pushes my brave boy baby came into this world making this mom brave to deliver without any epidural and made me realise I am stronger than I think. Happy tears

It was a quick visualised delivery as I wished.
I strongly believe now Visualising things will happen really. Thanks to happy motherhood for making my pregnancy and delivery an unforgettable happy strong journey.🥰😊


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