19 March 2019

Mrs R


"Happy Motherhood" was a boon to my pregnancy and it nudged and goaded me in all the right directions since I joined the prenatal sessions. Am R****, who delivered her first baby just two weeks before her 40th birthday. Since the day my pregnancy was confirmed after several years of wait , all I could hear around me was "Dont walk fast, lie down with legs up(!? 🤔), no climbing stairs, no this, no that..." Being the person that I am, I was trusting of my body and believed I can make this through.

I was super confident, kept myself busy with my office work, exercising, walking, painting, did not miss drawing kolams at house entrance till my third trimester (much to the horror of my in-laws🤪), But you always need a "push", just like your baby does when it is about to enter this world....HM was exactly that for me...it was a re-affirmation for me and an eye-opener for my husband.

After attending the sessions, he made sure that I was being happy and being allowed to do my things at peace. He made sure that I enjoy all my routine activities at home, and trips to the beach, trying out different cuisines in my fav. restaurants, doing yoga, etc were no longer an issue(which was a big deal since I was not allowed to even walk in the terrace before HM classes 😄). Age does matter when you are making another life, but my pregnancy was as normal as it would have been when I was in my 20's. My delivery had to be c-sec to eliminate few risks, but it has not deterred me from taking good care of my boy..am feeding, sleeping and enjoying my days as brand new mother.

Am thankful to Happy Motherhood for being there with me as a friend and guide who made sure I stick with my right choices of attitude, activities and food. I wish all the ladies in this group the best of things to happen in your life !! Trust yourself, have a rocking pregnancy and motherhood !!! 💐

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