30 March 2019

Mrs Sivarajani


Hi Friends,

This is Sivaranjani and Prabhu.. Happy to share the good news that we are blessed with baby boy last Sunday 17th March..It was an normal delivery and we are glad to say that it's all coz of Happy Motherhood.. My labour day story sounds cliche as you have heard from others..

Key takeways for expectant mothers are these three things which i believe helped me a lot while I traveled in my last days of delivery..
1. Walking 60-90 mins per day..start walking in your first term for good benefits,
2. Eat and sleep wisely.. Hope you all have your own diet chart prepared..Keep following it
3. Visualization and positive affirmations.. A secret which I learnt in HM..

I can't express my thanks in words to these three souls.. Ananthi mam ,Teena mam and Priya mam .. Looking forward for parenting classes..
Thank you HM

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