23 December 2017

Mrs C


Hi friends , here is my birth story. (Actually after birth story 😜) Although it is a c Section, I wanted to share the result of visualisation during my pregnancy.

My son was in breech position during labour, so ended up in c sec.

But once I saw my baby I was astonished. He looks exactly as what I have visualised everyday.

I wanted my baby to be happy, calm and healthy and yeah here he is 😊 all the bonding activities which i have done during my pregnancy , he can able to recognise everything. Now I can see, how happy he would have been in womb when I did those activities.

So All moms- to -be, please strictly follow things learned from Ananthi mam and the result will be more than what you think now, truly out of your imagination 😊enjoy our precious period.

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