15 April 2019

Mrs K


Hi all,
I’m so happy to share my birth story.
My Little Prince 🤴🏻 was born on March 30th noon at 1.49PM. My EDD was on 14th April 2019. On 30th early morning 3.30 am slowly the contractions started.. then I had a hot shower bath. Since I was on my 38th week my mom gave me sombu kashyam to check whether it’s false or labour pain... the contractions were still increasing and @7 am we reached hospital, doctor checked and told I was 2 cm dilated.

I was directly taken to labour ward and I kept doing my breathing exercise and pranayama which helped me a lot to bare the pain.. In between my husband alone was allowed to see me and he supported me a lot..😍 @ 10 am doctor said I was 4cm dilated.. and I was still continuing my breathing exercise which is my only tool to bare the pain and my water was broken and could see find the color of the water in green, my baby’s started passing meconium.

At 12 am I was 5 cm dilated and doctor said we will induce the pain and wait for 1 hour since the baby started passing meconium it’s not safe to wait for longer time. Meanwhile they keep changing the water to drain out the meconium from AFI..!! Next to me was another girl for Labor who was constantly requesting to do the operation and shouted due to unbearable pain. I fixed myself that I should never shout neither cry during my labour.

Inducing started and I kept on communicating with my baby to come out naturally and was praying all the god in the universe and till 1.25 I was still 5 cm dilated and doctor said we have to go for C Section Bcoz If baby starts to swallow the meconium then it’s too risky for him..!! I was totally down after listening to that but my husband supported me a lot and gave me strength and made my mind to go for C Section..

However when we wanted our baby’s health as first priority. I was so much worried that if they do c section i can’t even able to hear the baby’s first cry n see the baby.. But they gave me regional anaesthesia so that I was on complete consciousness. When I first heard my baby’s cry 😍 one of the best feels which could ever happen to a women 😍

I did pranayama, pattern breathing, visualisation, squatting, duck walk and walking daily. I completely believed that I will deliver my baby normally. Above all only my labour doesn’t happen as per my visualisation. Apart from that all other
I visualised came true.

# I wanted his weight to be 3 kg and he was 3.02 kg
# I wanted my pain to start on the weekend 😂 and of course, it was on the weekend.
I could see the reflections of activities I did from the minute I delivered from my baby boy 😍😍He is responding well whenever I call the name RithuBaby, Great response for all the womb sounds played after birth. When I made his room to completely look as B&W.. He is enjoys by seeing those looking all around..!! Happy motherhood babies are definitely unique than other babies. 🥰

So I would like to conclude that everything is possible with strong determination & positivity and the belief we keep on ourselves. When your pregnancy is full of happiness and positivity you will really enjoy the journey. I was completely doing what I wanted and love to do..!! I was travelling, having my favourite foods, going out with my friends, spending us time with my hubby boy..!! I wanted to thank my hubby to allow me what I wanted to do and he took all the efforts to make sure that I’m happy 😆in my preggo life.. So to all the preggy women out there just enjoy your pregnancy it’s a beautiful journey.

We all are blessed to be a part of HM. My sincere thanks to Ananthi mam and Priya mam, who are the reason for all the magic happened and happenings in my life.

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