24 April 2019

Mrs Jayalakshmi


Hi all, I'm Jayalakshmi mother of Madhav(4 yrs) and Diya🥰. I'm very happy to share my journey towards HM. When I was 40 days pregnant I come across the video of Ananthi mam just like that "Ungal nalam karuvil irunthu" and got impressed and was looking for more details about it. Then I came to know about Happy Motherhood and I was very happy it's in Chennai so that I can attend it and got impressed by their picture 'A baby future is a mother's creation' and tried that pic after attending sessions. Pic 1 attached(forgive pls😝).

When I enquired they have centers only in perumbakkam and velachery. I was little worried that I can't travel that much distance and yet to open center in Anna Nagar and can attend session after only 12 weeks completed.. I was keep thinking I will attend it.. at that time dono about visualization and all.. but my intuition says I will attend.by 2weeks later received post on FB that we r now in anna Nagar and I was d first person enrolled for it.i thank my hubby whole heartedly for encouraged me to attend eventhough he had so many commitments at that time.

I was very happy and felt like flying.. HM sessions r eye-opener for me and did all the magic in my life.I kept myself very positive and ignored all the negative thinks. I was diagnosed placenta low lying in 3rd month and Ananthi mam asked me to visualise, it went up in next scan. Initially I didn't do my visualization properly and it still continues in my 5th month scan also..I informed this about Ananthi mam she encouraged me still i have time and asked me to do visualization strongly.. after reading many birth story I started doing my visualization properly.

5 at the time of deliver
👉🏼 tall baby and Toes and fingers should be length
👉🏼she should has silky hair not curly hair so that she can do all hairstyles🥰
👉🏼 Wants to go hospital with my hubby and he was with me all the 4 days and our girl made us to go for walking- together in the hospital😇
👉🏼My placenta went up
I thank very much for Happy Motherhood team Ananthi mam and Teena Mam and finally my better half at this time.. my girl responses very well for the womb sounds I played earlier and me, my hubby, my son's voice very much also when we call her kutima (pet name).. once again thanks to Ananthi mam..

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