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I’m posting here My princess 👸 bujju’s birth story 😍

I was introduced to HM during my later month of pregnancy .Even though I entered very late, Anandhi akka had given Spl attentions. After attending the first session itself, I felt the changes in me . For instance,i use to get tensed for little things even n get stressed , but after the session, I was completely different, like I handled very cool n never stressed myself 😊Even my uncle n dr Chithi felt the same changes in me n even happy face smiling all times ☺my dad mom n hubby had appreciated me .I was very happy in joining HM.

I was regular in the activities and @ times not. I started feeling the difference around me. I took every word of her for my bujju and prepared myself for labor with full of positivity and did each and everything for my bujju . Started my each day with full of happiness, regular exercise , walking 🚶‍♀,climbing steps , breathing ex🧘‍♀, eating colors of veges and fruits , paintings 🖼,left hand writing ✍ , doing household works, singing , listening to music 🎶, telling story to bujju , filling happy jar, happy msgs to bujju, etc n so on for my bujju kutty. Me too wished for normal delivery and visualised for the same.

On March 23 , Saturday,early morning around 5 am , nearly for 15-20 mins, I felt a sort of pain . Later on I had no pain. I started my day as usual. I felt a mild brownish blood mixed vaginal discharge @times.
I thgt my bujju’s head is getting positioning n had mild movements . Still I continued my works ...
Sunday (tomo) was my checkup with my Dr. I thgt that I would inform her tomorrow. By evening, I gave a call to my dr Chithi n informed her abt the pain n all. She asked me to inform my dr n get to know her also. Likewise I informed my dr @7.20 pm she said that if no pain, come tomorrow.

Then i msged her abt the discharge n mild movements. My dr got disturbed by this n asked me to come immediately. After receiving her msg, I started getting ready n started crying 😭 too. I felt like something happening. As per i visualised, my hubby was with me and my dad only had driven the car. Me , my hubby, my mom n my dad started to hospital @ 8pm. But before getting inside our 🚘 , I got settled n started listening 🎶 .My dr n dr Chithi first checked for my baby’s heartbeat. was in my 39 th week n jus before my due date , baby’s head not fixed and still in scale 3 position and due to some other reasons, elective emergency c- sec was done.

Before entering the OT, I was very cool n smiled at my hubby. My dr was very supportive n easy in OT. At 9.05 pm, our princess arrived to this world😍Once my dr showed my princess n while hearing her crying, I was completely filled with happy tears... I could see my bujju 😍my very happy moment ... most awaited one 😍 then I started telling inside the OT itself that I Need to feed my baby... once I was shifted to recovery room, my dr Chithi , she was the one who brought my bujju for feeding Immediately . It happened as Anandhi akka said before. A special Thanks akka 😍

Certain things happened as per my visualisation.
# my delivery happened within 30 mins
# My hubby was with me while going to hospital which is a special one.
#My dad drove the car
# My baby born before my bro’s birthday date 27th. I wished on 25th March , she has born on 23rd March.

I had an open mind for both normal and c-sec. so it was easy for me to handle at that situation.
A very big special thanks and tons love to you Anandhi akka . I have no words to express how do I feel.She is very supportive n took time to know abt me n my baby in her busy schedule. So sweet of u akka. She s like a pillar in everyone’s pregnancy 🤰🏻. Hope v all must agree that too. She is a very caring , humble n ready to fill needs anytime.I must say that my hubby ,mom dad n bro was very supportive .
HM is a very big boon to me n even who r all mommy’s to be n all mommies 😍
Our special thanks to Anandhi mam n HM team too. Our best wishes to everyone here.

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