25 May 2019

Mrs A N


Hi all,
I’m so happy to share my birth story.
My Little king 🤴 was born on 21st may morning at 7.53 AM. My EDD was on 7th june . On 21st early morning 4.30, at 1st time in my pregnancy days i felt hungry , i asked my mom to put milk for me.. After taking that i can't able to sleep ,i felt something is not comfortable for me.. Then i start playing word games in my mobile..

Around 5.45 am i heard a sound, next second my water was broken ,slowly i called my mom and told that only liquid was relesing more so we have to go for an check up . my mom also started for the checkup . Still i doesn't have a pain.. I have taken my bath and called for an auto ..It will take 20 mins to reach hospital form my home.. On the way to the hospital pain started slightly.. Then i called my husband and told that my liquid was broken so i am going to hospital, u start from Chennai to Trichy with our family.

I reached my hospital at 6 Am.. Duty doctor checked me and told that it was already dilated around 5cm.. Then i started walking, with in 20 mins she called me to check whether the neutrus has dilated more or not... After checking that she was telling that it was dialated around 8cm... Then my doctor came and checked me and my babies heart beat.. I have an problem at 8th month . My baby body was in ROA position.. if the baby in ROA means normal delivery is not possible.. So she advised me to sleep only in left. Side then only your baby will come to left..

I asked Anitha mam for an solution. She advised me to do more birthball and cat and camel excercise.. I also follwed.. But my baby doesn't came to left side till the last... Then doctor asked me to push my baby nose came out 1st. Instead of head ,nose came first.. Suddenly doctor decided for vaccum delivery.. She asked me to push again , face of the baby came out.. At the 3rd push my king 🤴 came out with huge crying sound with the help of the vaccum.. I felt soo happy at that time by seeing my baby's face..

Immediately i asked the nurse whats the time of my kings birth , she said at 7. 53AM.. After hearing that the baby has born .. My mom informed to my husband's family.. They were very shocked that with in 2hrs 1st baby was born.. I always spoke with my baby that come fast during the delivery you should not give much pain to the mom... At last he doesn't give much pain to me during the delivery time also... 😊

My 3rd trimester was on the month of march.. My husband was working in a finance based company.. He doesn't have time to spend with me.. I felt alone at that time... His friend only suggested HM.. Immediately i joined HM... After joining HM i felt happy to know more about pregnancy.. I thank the whole HM family.. Thanks a lot😊

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