27 May 2019

Mrs V


Hi all, sorry for the late post. I'm Mrs V (Perumbakkam branch, December Batch) and I'm happy to share my birth story. I'm blessed with a baby girl (nick name Chickoo) on May 8th.

My EDD was May 20th. I went to hospital for my last scan on May 3rd and doctor said baby is still in breech and she asked me to get admitted on 6th May. Me and family decided to go for second opinion with family doctors. Family doctors suggested to wait for some more days as my EDD is May 20th. But then after seeing my reports they too suggested to get operated before 10th May.( I underwent a surgery last March for ectopic pregnancy and had my left side fallopian tube removed. So family docs said not to risk with my second baby) I was totally upset because as per my visualization my fluid level never dropped below 11, i had no gestational diabetes, or any other complication, even though everything seemed to be normal I was asked to undergo C section.

It took me a couple of days to overcome the situation. But then I consoled myself that I shouldn't stress myself and baby is important above all. We agreed and fixed appointment on March 8th.


I went inside operation theatre at 9.20am. I was given spine injection and felt numb. Aneasthetist kept telling slokas and I concentrated only on that. My eyes were wrapped in a white cloth. I could feel everything done by docs but without pain. In few min i heard the cry and docs showed me the baby immediately and told me the time of birth.

I joined HM at the end of my 3rd month. I had severe hemorrhoids, heatburns, vomiting in 1st trimester. I felt weak and was mostly in bed before i joined the class. After joining HM I felt more positivity around me. I changed my diet as per the instructions given (multicolour food, CFJ powder, drinking atleast 2 litres of water). I involved myself to do crafts, art, more walking, meeting positive people, listening to music, breathing exercises, kegels, squats, visualization etc. All these helped to become strong and overcome all ailments.

As per my visualization,
1. My baby weight should be 2.75 kgs. ( she was 2.8kg)
2. Baby should look like my hubby. ( she exactly resembles him)
3. My AFI should never drop below 11 ( it was 11 or 12 in all scans)
4. I must not get gestational diabetes.
5. My weight should not exceed 75kgs. (I was in 74.5kgs before doing c section)
6. Baby should be born in any one of our family member's zodiac sign. ( She was born in her dad's zodiac sign)

I'm happy that all my visualizations came true except for normal delivery. I thank HM team wholeheartedly for making me think positive always and whenever i felt low I saw Anandhi mam's videos in YouTube (vendhar tv - sugamana sumaigal) which boosted me up all the time.

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