11 June 2019

Mrs S P


Hi all,
Sorry for the delay..first of all thank you so much for all ur wishes and blessings.. M very happy to share my birth story..
My EDD was June 4. On 28th may i had water break in home around 7am. So v planned and started to hospital. Before starting to hospital i called Anitha mam and Anandhi mam to ask few doubts got clarified and then v reached hospital around 9.. Till that my baby was showing good movements in the womb. I went into labour ward directly doctor checked me around 10 and there was no pain till that for me.. They kept tablets and no progress for tht. After that they put trips and induced pain. Pain was much severe for me and dilation progress was much slow. V waited till 6.30pm and I was only 2cm dialted. My energy drained soon as i got 1 minute once pain.. Then v went for c-sec. And delivered my baby girl(pattu) around 7.15pm..
That moment wen i saw our angel everything else i forgot the pain and all those..

HM as i always say is very very special for me.. Coz i went pre pregnancy class and in three months time after following all the positive things i got pregnant.. Then i went for pregnancy class in my 5th month followed everything asusual and enjoyed my pregnancy days by doing flash cards, colouring, drawing, painting stuffs.. I followed all the exercise which helped me to recover easily.. Breathing exercise helps a lot. I desperately wanted normal delivery i usually tell to Anitha mam but i cudnt make it.. But as she says even its c-sec i accepted it happily and went for it...
Believe me guys... Visualisation has so much power.. Most of my visualisation came true...

Date- previous day of My sister wedding day.
I always wanted a baby girl and visualised for that.
Features- I wanted her to b like her dad.. Everybody says she s xerox of him
With round face and dense black hair
Flash cards- From Day 3 she happily sees the flash cards. If she cries we ll show the flash cards she turns calm after seeing that.. List goes on....

Thanks a lot Anandhi mam for all the help u provided then and there . Anitha mam ur always special for me i call her mostly after all my check up she was my boosting energy who says only positive things and motivated me..

Dear friends Believe in the universe and Do all the things happily in ur pregnancy days and enjoy the days. U will all have healthy parenting days... 💐

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