12 June 2019

Mrs J S


Hi all,
I'm very happy to share my birth story.. and apologies for the delay
My EDD was on May 22nd. As usual we used to go for weekly check ups from 36th week. I visualised that my baby should be born on the expected EDD and I should deliver my little one in two hours span of time through natural delivery. So I keep on telling little one that mama should deliver you naturallyy. Also I wished my husband should reach before and be with me till I deliver the little one.

I got my labour pain on 22nd May morning 3.00 am and the pain was frequent for every hour lasting one minute.. Hospital things were already packed and My mom was urging me to start to hospital... I had a deep breath and pranayama and waited till 5.00am.. and we started to hospital around 5.30 am and reached at 6.30 am. Duty doctor checked and asked me to do walking and breathing .. Only water and juice was given at 1 hours interval of time.

Around 9.00 am doctor checked and told I was 4cm dilated and water level has decreased and asked me to get admitted. I got admitted in the labour ward at 12.15pm and pain was induced more through drips. Around 1.00pm my labour pain was high and doctor asked to push me since water has broken .. I tried pushing my baby and my husband was with me holding my hand and talking to me continuously and was a great support.

Around 3.30 pm doctor told that your baby hair is seen clearly try pushing it you can see your little one in another 15mts... I tried and finally at 4.01 my little angel was born to the world with the crying sound where all my pain went off and myself and husband had tears of happiness in eyes.

I thank HM for great support and how visualisation works and all the activities.

I visualised my baby and used to read the dream list of my baby everyday... As I wished she had a sparkling eyes, more thick hair, fairy, more eye lashes etc and goes on...

And also I used to tell my baby on womb that you should latch well and have Mama's milk after you have born.

When the nurse have the child for feeding she immediately latched and had mother milk.. and till now I have no issues with feeding my little one . She used to moisturize my nipple for 1 minute with her mouth and start sucking the milk.

I used to heat veena music and lord Krishna songs during my pregnancy.. when I play the same veena music and songs she will listen very silently and love to hear it and so many things list goes on .

One interesting thing.. I used to call my baby Kutty Ammu during my pregnancy .. and whenever I call her with that name now she responds in her own way

So friends do visualise more about your child happily and you delivery process ...Believe in yourself and you're body... Have faith in God and do more activities.. I wish everyone enjoy their pregnancy and parenting days .. enjoy being a mother each second and spend time with your little one

Once again I thank HM for their support.🙏

Happy Parenting😍💐

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