14 June 2019

Mrs S


Hi all I'm very happy to share my birth story... My EDD June 18th..I visualised that my baby should born before June 10 and June 4th afternoon 3pm I had symptoms water break but I waited my mom told me that we can go hospital after that I took bath and booked cab went hospital at 6 clk after reached hospital water loss is heavy but I had no pain so there put trips and induced pain at starting 2cm only dilated for every 3hours doctor checked me only 1 cm get dilated and pain is severe there waited still next day 3pm

after that doctor informed my family members normal delivery is not possible so v have to go for c section bcz only 5cm dilated here after we can't wait it will be risk for baby my family members told okay for operation within 15min on June 5th 4.23 pm I delivered my girl baby (little champ )at that time was unconscious but heard my champ crying sound at that I feel so happy and I forgot all pain...

I really thank HM ananthi mam bcz wat I had visualised had come true my baby fair with shiny hair and I wanted to deliver my baby before June 10 everything happened... friends visualisation is more powerfull... I am sure if you visualise it ll come true...


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