20 June 2019

Mrs SP


Writing my delivery experience with happiness! I was emotionally weak during my initial days of pregnancy and physically too! My colleagues was telling her experience in HM and about how strong Anandhi mam was after her delivery and out of curiosity I joined HM.I followed diet, exercise, walking seriously. Visualization made me strong to do my activities properly. My EDD was May 25.I didn't have pain till 24th so we went to hospital for check up. Happy that my husband was with me. Doctor checked and tried to open up something😛 by 5pm and said it might cause contraction on its own and if not, will induce by drips. I walked and climbed stairs for 2 hours and Since I didn't get pain, thy started inducing by 3am and by 5am membrane got ruptured and doc said I could make it for normal delivery and moved to labour ward and inducing was continued.

Nurse who was taking care of me was thinking that I didn't have severe contractions since I didn't shout during contractions😃 When I think now, contractions are like magic. Those waves... 😂 But then, i somehow managed contractions by pressing my husband's hand. Luckily he is not fractured 😃 By 9.15am, when doc came for checking, she said that it is dilated completely and I have to push. She said I should push by 15mins and she left. I was giving my best in pushing.

When my husband said that he had seen our babies hair, I was jealous of him and pushed even more... 😂Urge to see the baby made me push. when doc came back, she appreciated that I pushed better by the time she came back and our lovable baby was born by 9.47. My husband held her in his hand and showed me. Best scene in my life. With my husband beside and delivering our baby is the most memorable experience in my life.

‍👨‍👩‍👧Thanks to Anandhi mam for making my pregnancy experience beautiful and Cherishable ☺

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