9 July 2019

Mrs SS


ear all This is S S. I delivered my girl baby on July 1st. This is my second baby. It was a C section. Actually tried for VBAC but could not acheive as my baby had Cord around her neck. I happily undergone surgery and got my baby.
Since i am in Erode, i attended Skype classes of Happy Motherhood.

My baby is exactly what i visualize
👉🏻Really visualization has more power . I realized this when i went for 36 week scan baby was in Breech position. After discussing with Ananthi aka i did all wat she said. She told me to be strong and visualize strongly. I did. Exactly after one and half week time baby changed to chephalic.


👉🏻Biggest beauty happend after delivery is Doctor handed over baby to my husband. She was crying a lot.my cousins called her KUTTYMA which is her pet name . She stopped crying and looking around. And whenever she hear my Son voice she listens to tat rotate her head to hear his voice. Another thing is Gayathri manthra I used to listen for half hour daily. Now when i play her she stops crying even.

👉🏻Realy the sounds we hear the things we see and everything we do during our pregnancy have effects in our baby.
As i am working woman i dont find time to do many activities taught at HM did few things regularly and whole heartedly. Now i could realize all i did are fruitful. I feel i could have taken much more effort .

👉🏻The diet concept is very usefull and it helped me very much. During my first pregnancy i had BP GS etc. But now i overcame all those things easily.
Ananthi akka is realy a super personality and her care is more than my Moms care. Even at a very bad stage her positive words gave me energy to withstand.

👉🏻I would like to join parenting class at HM.

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