10 July 2019

Mrs A


Hi, below is my delivery experience...

It was June 19th eve I went for my regular check up and that was my 39th week...after consultation doctor confirmed that if I was not getting pain until 24th I need to be admitted and get induced. I did not wish to get induced so I was praying to get pain naturally before that..so next day morning I texted Anandhi mam and recalled the pain inducing techniques and did all of them that night myself and my husband was going for walk in terrace and came back home.I found red discharge in my urine.

But my mom adviced me to wait until I get pain.. in next 2 hrs I started getting mild pains my husband was soo nervous and he wanted to take me to hospital and even I thought the same bcoz red discharge is a sign of emergency. So we reached hospital around 2AM and they started observing me by 6AM morning my pains wer little longer and by 9 AM doctor checked and confirmed that it got dilated up-to 2cm.


By evening when they checked it was dilated up-to 3cm only so by 6.30 pm they started giving drips by 8 pm I was 4 cm dilated and I was feeling giddy since I couldn't eat anything the whole day and din sleep for more than 30 hrs I was afraid if I couldnt push at the last minute so I started asking for epidural since pain was also increasing and I started doing breathing exercise

I was loosing all my energy and finally around 8.30 pm they gave epidural and by 11 pm I was almost 8cm dilated and they stopped the epidural by that time and I was ready to push myself by that time my husband doctors and sisters encouraged me soo much in some time my husband said that he is able to see the head and everyone asked me to push forcefully and by 12.26AM on June 22nd my son Junu kuty came out safely.

The power of visualization was believed by me but my mom and husband believed it's power after seeing my Junu Kutty almost 80% was true. Thanks much Anandhi mam for your support 😊😊

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