12 July 2019

Mrs S


I am very happy to share my birth story...My EDD was June 26 I strongly visualised that my baby should born before June 26 and it should be a normal delivery .. We went for regular checkup and during my 36 week scan doctor said that baby is in ROP position and water level is less. Even though I strongly visualised that my delivery should be normal delivery and in the next scan water level became less and they said it could be enough for 10 days and to maintain it but baby is ROP position.....

Till June 24 I didn't get pain we went for check up and they took scan to check the water level but water level became very less and doctor asked us to admit immediately to monitor the baby's movements that day ....The next day morning they took a scan and doctor said baby is still in ROP, water is very very less ,cord is very weak and normal delivery is very difficult but we can try and if any issues we will have to undergo operation ..

we are very much worried but still believed that my visualisations will come true and will do normal delivery after that they induced pain around 06:30 am contractions started after that .we called ananthi mam and spoke she said everything is possible and have hope and her words gave us even more confidence at that time .Around 11 clk they started inducing more pain through drips after sometime pain was more severe and I felt an urge to push doctor came and checked me after that they took me to labhour room and I almost lost all my energy but even praying that I should deliver my baby safe they we're continuously monitoring baby's heartbeat and last I tried very hard to push but finally they used forceps to bring my baby and my little prince born at 01:27 pm.

We joined HM during my 26th week and HM brought lot of changes within us.
I followed walking,exercises,pranayama,reading books , listening to music . we daily talked with the baby telling slogans and stories. I strongly visualised that it should be a normal delivery and baby should be fair with straight hairs ,sharp nose should born before June 26 everything happened as visualised

Thanks to Ananthi Mam and Teena Mam for their great support and encouragement 😊😊

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