16 July 2019

Mrs S


Hi all
My birth story.
It was my second pregnancy. First c-section delivery. During my first pregnancy I followed Ananthi mam program in vendar TV. I don't know how she inspiring everyone with her words, smiles, thoughts etc.. so I just followed her but didn't known about HM classes so missed it. After my delivery I suggested her videos to many of my friends. Then only found about HM in FB . Decided I must enroll in HM classes for my second pregnancy for sure.

During my 12th week I said my hubby to join HM. He accepted and we went there. Came to know many wonders about pregnancy, activities, thoughts, diets, visualisation, exercise labour.
There only get to know about VBAC. So I wanted to have VBAC. Initial days itself I told my gynac that I want to have VBAC and started visualising that. She said some factors for to do VBAC. But it didn't happen. She said by 38th week your cervix is not at all ready to have vbac. It's totally risk so admit for csec like that. But I actually wanted to give a try. So changed hospital. There doctors encouraged me to have vbac. They said will wait till 40 weeks.

My Edd was on July 9th. On July 2 I got mild pain. So we just went to checkup. Doctor said it's very mild may be false pain so come back if pain increased. But my pain didn't stopped. On that night it was kept on increasing in regular intervals. So again we packed all things and went by 5am to hospital. Doctor checked you are getting labour pain but cervix is yet to open. So will wait and I got admitted.

I was keep doing visualisation exercise steps squats etc. For 3 days I was in labour pain. But don't know y my cervix is not at all ready to open even one finger. Doctor said we can't wait even more it will risk your scar and need to emergency csec. So atlast July 4th evening 7.15 pm my laddu baby princess born.

My some of visualisation -
For my first baby water level became less in 7th month. So I strongly visualized it shouldn't happen now. Yes my fluid level wonderfully maintained till delivery

My baby should have thick dense hair
Weight around 3.2 kg.
And during my 8th month scan there was two loop cord around the neck. I visualized and told my baby to take out. It was happened as such.
She looks the same how I visualized daily

Reading, music's, writing thirukural in left hand. Mainly changes in diet gave me great benefits.
All exercise, walking, breathing techniques helped me a lot in bearing labour pain.

All my doctor's said that I tried hard and deserved to have vbac but don't know y God had another plans for me. But I'm very happy atleast that I tried till last hope. It gave me immense satisfaction. Hope my baby got all good things.

Thanks a ton to HM and Ananthi mam. And to All HM mommies who inspired each other through their art works, birth stories.

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