17 July 2019

Mrs V S


Hi all, I’m glad to share my labour story. Sorry for such a lengthy and delayed post.

My pregnancy was confirmed on Oct 2018 and my EDD was 8th June 2019.Initial 4 months went very smoothly from 5th month suddenly my HB went low from 10.7 to 8.1. Even after following good diet and tablets my HB didn’t increase. Again in 6th month HB dropped from 8.1 to 7.6. So my gynae prescribed 5 dosages of iron sucrose injection for correcting my HB. But nothing worked, another 6 more dosages were given but my body didn’t respond for the injection. She suggested me to consult haematologist.

It was just 1.5 months left for my delivery and I was bit tensed, couldn’t understand what’s happening inside my body. I visited haematologist on 20th April and she conducted a thorough blood examination. In the mean time I contacted Ananthi mam and explained the situation. She suggested me dietician Thilagavathi mam and she gave me a new diet pattern, which I followed rigorously to increase my HB.

A week’s later my report came and we came to know that I’m having a very rare genetic blood disorder called “Thalassemia”. Haematologist told my HB won’t increase immediately and blood transfusion is the only way to handle delivery safely. My HB was 8.1 at that time. She prescribed me alternate medicines. Me and my partner kept on telling our baby (chittu) that HB should increase automatically and visualized for normal delivery.

Blood transfusion was planned on 3rd June. Since my HB is low and to avoid too much blood loss, gynae had promised that 99% she will try for normal delivery provided I co-operate fully. Luckily myself and my partner is having same blood group, so he decided to donate his blood and sent for cross matching. Fortunately, it got matched. From the end of May, I was having mild back pain and period cramps, my gynae checked and told that my OS is still closed and head is unfixed, it will take time to open since I’m having one week for my delivery and nothing to worry.

We checked HB before blood transfusion. Surprisingly, it increased from 8.1 to 9.5. My gynae was shocked and surprised to see the result and blood transfusion was postponed after delivery. She felt that my HB was sufficient to handle normal delivery.

It was 5th June, I didn’t get pain. I was worried because my husband was having exams on 8th, 10th and I badly wanted my husband to be with me at the time of delivery. I consulted with my gynae, she accepted to wait till 10th since my fluid and baby is good and told me to get admitted on 10th night provided I didn’t get pain. Till 10th I didn’t get pain and CTG was normal. My gynae checked me and OS was still closed but it was soft. So she planned to insert Foley’s bulb to open my OS and to induce labour manually. Since the OS became soft she planned to wait for one more night to see whether the OS gets open normally. I kept on telling my baby that OS should open normally and I don’t want anything to be done manually.

But nothing worked. On 11th June afternoon, I was admitted. Bulb was inserted and within 15 mins I felt mild contractions. It started becoming strong and regular. I informed this to my gynae and she said contractions will not come by inserting the bulb. And asked me to be ready at 5.30 in the morning to check whether OS has opened so that she can put gel to induce pain. I told her I’m not able to tolerate and I feel my contractions are increasing gradually. I was given 2 injections to tolerate the pain and for sleeping so that I will be able to manage labour. But nothing worked and I kept on telling that I should get pain without inducing. My back pain reduced but contractions were stronger and I couldn’t sleep even a minute. On 12th morning 5.00 nurse came to prepare me and I was taken to labour ward at 5.30.

Bulb was removed, my gynae checked and i was 3 to 4cms dilated. She was surprised for the second time, because I was dilated and she told within 2hours my delivery will be over. Membrane was ruptured manually and drip was given at 6 am. By 7.30, I was in second stage of labour, fully dilated and started pushing. I visualised that within 15 mins and 2 push I should deliver my baby. But I was totally exhausted and I couldn’t do. Pushed several times and by 7.51 my little princess born. Golden moment in my life.

I visualised for:

A girl baby, with lengthy fingers and nails. Should recognise us immediately after birth. Apgar score should be 9. Husband should be with me at the time of delivery. Only natural delivery without epidural and episiotomy. AFI - 14cm. No BP, Sugar and good HB level. Good room temperature inside labour ward. Baby should have good breastfeed. Baby’s weight – 3 kgs.

As per my visualisations:

Girl baby with 2.4 kgs, Apgar score – 9, beautiful fingers, nails and recognised immediately. Husband was with me from the time of admission till delivery. Natural delivery without epidural but with episiotomy. Good room temperature because I cannot tolerate A/c for a long time. AFI - 10cm. No BP, Sugar and HB came to normal level while delivery. Baby latched well.

Journey with HM:

Got to know about Ananthi mam while searching about pregnancy related videos in youtube. And saw nalandhana program and few vendhar tv programs. Then we searched about her in google and got to know about HM classes. Joined in the month of December and started enjoying my pregnancy days a lot by keeping myself engaged all the time. Did pranayama, exercises, walking, creative things, black and white charts, labour affirmations, happy jar, appreciation chart, listening instrumentals, devotionals, good diet and had very good bonding with my baby and husband. On the whole it was a wonderful and memorable journey.

Finally, to all future mommies, keep visualising and keep believing that whatever happens women has got all the energy and power to overcome all the obstacles and struggles. I feel very proud to be a woman, especially after my delivery because it gave me new confidence that I can face anything in my life and can achieve even more. All my relatives, in-laws were wondered that i delivered baby naturally because everyone felt that I’m weak and couldn’t handle my delivery. But I proved them that I’m not weak and showed them that how determined i am.

Thanks to Ananthi mam, teena mam and thilagavati mam for guiding me and helping me all the time.

A special thanks to my Mom who’s been a pillar of my strength all the time, my hubby for encouraging me and being supportive at all hard times and my dear little chittu for listening our words, helped me to deliver her naturally and made her mom to realise that she can handle whatever comes in her way.

So be strong mommies, we are making legendary babies that’s why sometimes we were tested by God. Enjoy your pregnancy days and Happy parenting to all

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