18 July 2019

Mrs S N


I badly wanted to write my birth story but I was not able to do it. It took time for me to cope up with new responsibilities and challenges.
So here is my birth story.
Health wise I was completely down during the initial days of pregnancy. I used to get angry for everything. Then one of cousin who is in Canada is a follower of Anandhi mam. She saw all her videos and got inspired. She told about her then I saw few of her videos and got inspired too and googled about her and get to know about “Happy motherhood” well that’s a boon for me. As soon I got the address I told my husband and he happily agreed and showed interest.

*I wrote dream list for my babies and sticked it in my bedroom wall so that I can narrate it often.

*My twins loved massage time and I made them to hear the same song while massing. And it continues now also.

*I used to drew lot of drawing during my pregnancy and visualised that I should give birth to Girl & Boy. So all the natural scenery I draw has a girl & boy picture.And guess what I’m blessed with a girl & boy baby. That’s the power of visualisation.

*One of the major concern of people around me is that I was looking thin and I’m carrying twins so they judged that weight of my babies will be less(1.5). So I used to constantly talk with my babies that “You guys should break the myth and you should be above 2 kg. By god’s grace they weighed above 2.

*I was told by everyone if you are carrying twins definitely they will keep in incubator blah blah. When I talk with them I always told them to be mumma after birth. I had a emergency C section and even doctor told we might keep your baby in NICU for a week before the surgery. I was talking to my babies to be healthy and come to mumma soon. To my surprise doctor told my babies are healthy and they were with after birth.

*Happy motherhood made my pregnancy journey a memorable one.

Words are not enough to thank Anandhi mam.

Can’t wait to join parenting class.

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