25 July 2019

Mrs A


happy to share my birth story.

We were so excited when we came to know we are pregnant because we waited a long time for our second child. I got introduced to happy motherhood during third month.

I’m so happy that I joined happy motherhood, as I got so motivated every time i felt down or depressed or tired. Every time I attend Skype sessions I used to get so energized with ananthi mam’s positive words. Love the way she appreciates and motivates everyone.

My due was June 27th. I expected our son to be born on 20th June. Mine was a planned c section as my first one was c section. I wished for VBAC, least case, wanted to experience the labor pain. My scheduled c section was 24th.

On 19th June around 6:30 PM I kept on using restroom every 3 to 5 mins interval, we went to hospital at 7:30 PM to make sure everything is alright. After reaching hospital they said, my water broke. 10 mins later I started having contractions in regular intervals. Since it was a scheduled,

Preparation were going on for my surgery. With no regrets I went through, when I heard my sons voice I felt magic. He was as same as I visualized. I never knew visualization had so much power.

Due to unavoidable situations my mom in laws travel got postponed and my mom travelled 2 days before my delivery. I was able to manage all alone throughout my pregnancy only with the encouragement that I received through happy motherhood.

I tried my best with all activities, and our 9 year old son too was helping with drawings, black and white chart, as he was eagerly waiting for his baby brothers arrival. When my second son was 16 days old he was able to seek the attention of the black and white chart and cards that I stuck on the wall and give a big smile.

All the activities that i did throughout my pregnancy days, I could already see the outcome.

Once again thanks ananthi mam.


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