11 August 2019

Mrs K


I took my pregnancy session from Anandhi mam in perumbakkam branch Jan 2019 batch during 4th month. I am happy to share my pregnancy story not just the birth story.

My pregnancy was very smooth till 8 months. I tried to do as many activities as possible. I was working till 9 months of my pregnancy. My daily routine in week days was almost like,
From 6 to 9,
waking up early in the morning,
Ringing bell in pooja room for prayers,
breathing exercises,
left hand writing two thirukkural - inspired by Shalini ,a good friend and wellwisher whom i got from happy motherhood session,
Geetha chanting in Sanskrit,
pregnany affirmation,
Thiruvasagam chanting in tamil,
listening to religious discorses at times.

Office time from 9 to 6,
In between sunlight for 10 min with music from 12 to 12:15PM. I followed it till 7 months.

Evening 7 to 8 walking,
Tummy massage with castor oil before sleep from 2nd month of my pregnancy helped me a lot. Had very mininal stretch marks.

My Diet looked like,

0.5 l of water , Egg, milk, 5 badam 5 raisins 2 fig soaked in water, white pumpkin juice half glass before breakfast.

Light breakfast ,

three colour fruit vegetables,

beetroot juice,

butter milk with CFJ powder,

Lunch with two veggies and very minimal rice,

some sundal in evening,

light dinner.

From activities side
Window shopping to see colourful things and end up in doing actual shopping everytime,
I did some black and white toys
i did some oil pastle drawing,
two pista nut shell art,
Mehanthi art couple of times,
Zentangle art,
Preparing new born items,
Listening to Shree Rudram,
making flower garlands etc.

Given the happy side of pregnancy there exists other side as well. i had slight nausea in 2nd and 3rd month. In 6th month check up came to know my hemoglobin level was 9.5. I was very upset with consistent effort to increase hb level through food and with the help of advice from Anandhi mam it was increased to 10.5 in 1.5 months time period. Maneeral helped a lot to improve hemoglobin.

From 8th month started roller coaster ride. It started with slight itching. Without consulting doctor I was taking up home remidies which didnt help out much except making it a monster infront of me. It spread to tailbone, groin area and under breasts and gave unbearable Itching. It gave me sleepless nights for 1.5 months (8th to 9.5 months) I used to stand in terrace and cry out to god to bring it under control which came under control after consulting Dermatologist. i had constipation problem as well. One advice i would give to all pregnant ladies out there is, give proper attention when issue is small. Till now i am trying to cure the ringworm which i got during pregnancy.

Overall i would say my pregnancy days were smooth with little ups and downs. I had full time maid at home almost from 5th month who took care of household works.

Here comes by birth story,
My Corrected EDD was 19th July 2019. From 38th week my doc was saying head is yet to be fixed, do walking, squats, duck walk. I did all stunts at home to get head fixed but nothing worked out. When I went for weekly check on 13th July she asked me to get admitted for inducing pain on 17th July as 19th july is not my actual but corrected EDD. I packed all items and landed with baggage in hospital on 17th July after completing all religious practices at home. Doctor did pelvic examination and told my cervix is high up and inducing will not be successful. She asked me to go back home and return on 22nd of July. Returned back home.

On 18th July early morning i found brownish discharge and went to consult doctor. She said your mucus plug is open and you are due tomorrow so better to get admitted today. So induction was started at 1:20 PM on 18th july at that time my cervix was stationed high up and baby head wasn't fixed and cervix was less than 1cm open.They said order of inducing pain is to try 3 gels, then injection and then trips. After inducing first gel, i started to get pain 3 times in 10 minutes around 2 PM. My husband was with me throughout the process. we both were walking on corridor for as long as i can bear pain. Around 4:30PM pain was increasing and i did all sort of breathing exercise and i was 2cm dilated.

Around 6 PM i was about to give up and started to think about asking c-section as i was only 4cm dilated. With constant motivation from my dad i didn't ask for it. Breathing exercise helped only to some extend, sheer courage helped me a lot. During labour i started thinking about stuffs i had done in the past which gave lot of energy to face labour. During rounds on seeing me in immense pain doctor asked do you want epidural, i said no as i was worried it will cause back pain. As time passed i was dead tired bearing the pain. Around mid night my doc called and spoke to me over phone and adviced me to take epidural so that i can face next stages of labour. I agreed to her and took epidural around 1AM.

By that time i was only 4.5cm dilated. After that i got little relief for next four hours with mild pressure. Around 5 AM again pain started increasing in spite of epidural and by that time there was no improvement and i was only 5 cm dilated. Duty doc told we are moving more towards c-section. After 5AM pain started increasing around 8AM, I was 6cm dilated. Around 11AM, I was 8+cm dilated and baby head was stationed at 2. Nurse told push whenever you feel like. From 11:30 doc told you are ready to deliver your baby and that i could see the head. In labour ward, duty doctor, nurse, my husband, cleaning person, two Junior doctors were there. With constant motivation from my husband i tried to push, he encouraged me a lot.

it took 2 hours for pushing. Mistake I did was I was pushing in throat not in abdomen. Though everyone taught me how to push for some reason I had hard time pushing in abdomen. if I push 5 times , 4 times I pushed in throat and once l pushed in abdomen. Seeing me this way doc and my husband was convinced that if I do this way, they will have to opt for c-section. After trying for 2 hours with baby stationed in position 2, they called chief doctor. Chief doctor came in and told i am doing episiotomy and asked me to push.

Then she asked do you need help from nurse, having husband in my right side I gave a huge push and two nurse pushed my tummy from both sides and my cute little boy came out crying with cord around neck and hand. Doc told he also passed meconium inside. Then post delivery procedures happened. Most of my visualisation came true. In spite of all problems and my less tolerance towards pain I was able to deliver normally because of happy motherhood, my gynaecologist, husband and dad. Thank you everyone who prayed for easy delivery.

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