16 August 2019

Mrs A


Hi all.. I feel immense pleasure in sharing my pregnancy story to all...
So happily we have confirmed my pregnancy on Nov 12th 2018 and in the 1st trimester I had very minimal nausea and so the 1st 3 months was easy for me. But the negative side is I had zero knowledge on diet during the 1st trimester especially to stay hydrated. On my 13th week of pregnancy unknowingly we have travelled via car from my native to chennai and on the next day I had vaginal bleeding.

So we went for an emergency check up where the doctor said my placenta is near the cervix and the amniotic fluid level is very low 3cm and I have to be in complete bed rest for atleast a month. I were totally upset and felt like nothing can help me out. In that situation I have seen a video of Ananthi mam in you tube "ula nalam karuvil irundhu" which gave me a new view and positive energy towards pregnancy. From that moment I have started thinking positively and decided to join HM. I have joined HM on my 21st week. After joining HM the most important thing that I have followed perfectly is talking to my baby and writing Affirmations.

Learnings from HM:
- Talking to my baby
- Nick name for the baby
- Hearing spritual songs and good music
- Playing mind games for brain development
- Super magical diet
- Incredible knowledge towards labor and breast feeding
- Breathing exercises/warm up and pelvic floor exercises
- Staying hydrated throughout the day and the importance of sunlight in pregnancy
- Apart from the above all, keep smiling and being happy in all times...

The most wonderful moment in life:😍😍😍
My due date was July 17th which got corrected to July11th later. From my 32nd week I had slight swelling in my right leg which got increased day by day and on my 38th week I had more swollen leg with slight BP 130/90. My doctor said we need not take any risk as my weight also kept increasing 1kg per week in the 9th month. So she adviced me for c section. I felt very sad about my situation but didn't give up. My ultimate aim is to have a healthy and happy baby. Whatever may be the way.. finally the love of life will be in our hands. On July 4th morning 11.13am I have heard the most lovely, a high pitched sound like "ngaaa" 😃😃😃 yeah it was my baby boy🤗🤗🤗

nanthi mam words which made me enthusiastic..
"Pregnancy is the only time where we go to hospital with happiness"
And I thank Anitha mam from bottom of my heart for her encouraging teachings..

My best wishes for all the pregnant mothers and wishing them a life time happiness😊😊😊
I know it's quite big.. thank for all your time☺

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