3 September 2019

Mrs P


Hai all, I am happy to share the birth story of my lovable prince. I came to know about happy motherhood through some video's in youtube. Later I enquired about it and joined skype sessions.

It was such an inspiring class, taught me how much important the diet is. I am a poor eater. I always keep in mind today if I left protein, it can't be replaced in my babys life time. So I followed a good diet. My routine food was, amla curry leaves juice early morning, then protein mix powder with milk, two eggs and 40 almonds until 11 am. Then comes fruits daily 5 fruits like 🍎🍐🍓🍍🍌🍉🍇🥒pomegranate, dragon fruit,any five in them everyday. Lunch one spinach and any one vegetable with one cup curd. Then evening a glass of milk. Two idly and a glass of milk. That's all I did all for my baby, I followed this diet for about 80 percent of my pregnancy😀

Coming to exercise, not that great, I just did walking atleast an hour daily. But if u follow the exercise sure ur labor will be short I believe.

Coming to the day of labour, as I wrote in my labour story it happened. My was induced labour as It crossed 40weeks. I kept only one thing in my mind very strong. I should do two long breathing and one short breathing. It just went like that. Throughout my labor I just did only this. At 24th july 3am i was induced. There is no much improvement. By 2pm I was induced only 3cm. Then I had trips with injection by 3pm and doctor suggested me for epidural. But I said no need. There was a great support by my husband. From 4.30 pm he was holding my hands. At 7pm they checked again I thought it would be 6 or 7cm it would be dilated. But by God's grace, it was fully dilated. By 8.15pm through forceps my cute little prince came to this earth with crying noise😀😀 we were so happy 😀😀😀

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